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Mid-Year Round - Domestic Applicants - Research Scholarship

The Mid-Year Round makes available a limited number of research scholarships opportunities. All applicants will be considered for every scholarship made available in the round for which they are eligible.


Admission and Scholarship, OR Scholarship Only Applications

Open: 1 May - 16 June

  • Applicants must commence candidature between 1 July and 30 November of the year of application to be eligible for scholarship
  • Modest allocation of Scholarships available
  • Applicants of the previous Major Round are not eligible to apply
  • The online application form is made available during the specified period only
  • Outcomes expected by the end of July

Available Opportunities

Only a handful of the Full, Multidisciplinary Postgraduate Research Scholarships are made available in the Mid-Year Round.

Submitting Your Application

All applications for the Mid-Year Round for Domestic Applicants must be submitted through the University's online Scholarship Application System.

Note however that both Scholarship Only and combined Admission and Scholarship Applications are accepted during the Major Round.

The recommended process for each type of application is different, so please ensure to click through the appropriate option below.

Admission and Scholarship

Scholarship Only

Note. There are other Postgraduate Research Scholarships opportunities for Domestic Applicants available, however these may, and largely do require a separate and specific application. Visit the entire listing to All Postgraduate Research Scholarship Opportunities - Domestic Applicants.


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