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Domestic Postgraduate Research Scholarship Selection Process

All applications for Admission and Scholarship for Higher Degree by Research (HDR) at the University of Adelaide are ranked in a competitive application process.

Research Training Program Scholarships, University of Adelaide Divisional Scholarships and Master of Philosophy (No Honours) Scholarships form the majority of the available awards in the Mid Year Round and the Major Round. Selection of applicants for University of Adelaide Divisional Scholarships may also include consideration of their suitability to undertake a specified project.

Other awards with individual eligibility criteria may be offered in the Major Round. Applicants will be considered for any awards for which they may be eligible, and according to the individual criteria for each award.

The selection and ranking of applicants within the University of Adelaide is undertaken by the Graduate Scholarships Committee, using the criteria of academic merit and research potential. 

Applicants who hold a completed Bachelors degree and no other postgraduate qualification are considered for the Master of Philosophy (No Honours) scholarships. Applicants who fall into this pool are ranked using the cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) from their undergraduate program and scholarships are awarded to the top ranked students.

Applicants who hold postgraduate qualifications (e.g. Honours, Masters) or have significant research experience and/or publications in addition to a Bachelors degree are considered for Research Training Program Scholarships, University Divisional Scholarships and other major and supplementary awards.

For applicants who hold a postgraduate qualification (or equivalence) the Undergraduate Score and the Postgraduate Score are used to formulate the ranking of each application in this pool.

The Undergraduate Score is derived from the academic results from the applicant’s undergraduate degree. Consideration for University of Adelaide Scholarship (UAS) - Special Circumstances is given to students who can demonstrate special circumstances that resulted in impaired academic performance at undergraduate level.

The Postgraduate Score may be comprised of one or more of the following:

  • Honours results;
  • postgraduate research award results;
  • publications, and/or
  • significant relevant research experience.

Where a combination of results and publications and/or research experience applies, the responsible academic area will provide an equivalent Postgraduate Score along with an equivalence statement, to the Graduate Scholarships Committee for consideration. The equivalent Postgraduate Score is determined from the information provided in the online application; thus it is important for all applicants to ensure they detail any publications and/or relevant research experience in their application as well as upload a complete resume.

FAQs - Domestic HDR Scholarship selection process:

Q: Will the publications and/or research experience I have gained since completing my Honours Degree, add weight to my application?
A: If you ensure that your publication(s) and/or relevant research experience is detailed in your application and uploaded resume, it will be considered.

Q: How will my overseas qualifications be assessed?
A: All qualifications from overseas institutions will be assessed in comparison to the Australian Quality Framework (AQF), according to the Country Education Profile (CEP) guidelines provided by Australian Education International (AEI).

Q: My grades from the overseas institution I studied at do not necessarily compare with the Australian system. Will this be taken into consideration?
A: Yes, when assessing academic merit, the qualifications are assessed in comparison to the Australian Quality Framework (AQF), and the results are scaled accordingly.



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