All research students commencing from 2017 are required to complete a minimum number of hours of Career and Research Skills Training (CaRST).

Detailed information about the program is available in the CaRST section of the Research Student Handbook and the CaRST Handbook.

Activity register

Faculties and Schools who are running a research training course or activity are encouraged to register their activity with CaRST.

Listing your activity with CaRST not only ensures the activity will count towards CaRST but also provides consistency and clarity regarding credits and enables an institutional view of research training across the University.

Approved CaRST activities will be listed in the CaRST training register and you also have the option to promote your activity in our newsletter.

Students are instructed to self-record the activity using the information provided in the register.

  • What activities can be registered?

    Structured learning activities delivered in-house that contribute to the development of skills, behaviours, or attributes outlined in the Vitae Researcher Development Framework can be submitted to CaRST, including:

    • Workshops
    • Short courses
    • Online courses
    • Other structured training programs

    Note that confirmation of a student's satisfactory completion is required in order for the activity to count towards their CaRST hours' requirement.

    The activity does not have to be exclusively for research students, but it is expected that a reasonable number of research students will attend.

  • What activities won’t be approved?

    • Activities where you are unable to supply evidence of completion to the student
    • Activities undertaken as part of the normal course of research/degree e.g. research work, experiments, field studies, literature reviews, and routine research group, lab, or team meetings
    • General work induction activities on internal procedures and policies of the University, e.g. informal training of equipment or software
    • Activities that don't align with the Vitae Researcher Development Framework, are outside the scope of the profession, and unrelated to students’ career advancement
    • Activities for which students are paid
    • Activities that involve mentorship/supervision of another student or researcher
    • Activities that are already identified in our experiential activities table, where the domain and hours are clearly stipulated

CaRST program overview

Detailed information on how the CaRST program works, covering the requirements, process, online platform, training framework, and FAQs

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The CaRST Online platform makes it easy to track your students' progress with CaRST, guide their development, and ensure they are meeting the CaRST requirements of their degree.

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