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Information for Supervisors & Prospective Supervisors

  • Supervision at the University of Adelaide

    All research students at the University of Adelaide are supervised by a panel of 2-3 supervisors from the time of candidature commencement until an outcome has been achieved, whether this is through the award of the degree or discontinuation of the program.

    The Supervisor Register Policy

    The policy applies to all staff and non-staff affiliates and titleholders of the University of Adelaide who have responsibility for the supervision of HDR students at this University. Together with the Supervisor Classification and Reporting System (SCRS), the Supervisor Register Policy outlines the key requirements for supervision at the University.

    The Responsibilities of Supervisors

    Following entry onto the Supervisor Register, supervisors have a number of responsibilities; these are outlined in the Research Student Handbook together with the responsibilities of other staff involved in the management of HDR candidatures.

  • The Supervisor Classification and Reporting System (SCRS)

    The Supervisor Classification and Reporting System (SCRS), or ‘the System’ has been developed by the University with a view to providing a holistic view of HDR student progression by recognising the role that quality supervision can play in achieving student outcomes. The SCRS provides a mechanism to report student outcomes against individual supervisors and their relative level of responsibility for the supervision.
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  • Apply to Join the Supervisor Register

    Any person who wishes to undertake supervision of HDR students at the University must be an approved member of the Supervisor Register. The process for joining the Register depends on whether you are a University staff member or Titleholder or an external discipline expert.
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  • Simultaneous Supervision

    Supervisors and prospective supervisors who wish to enrol in a Higher Degree by Research will need to familiarise themselves with the Guidelines for simultaneous supervision and HDR enrolment and where applicable, apply to the Dean of Graduate Studies for permission.

    Guidelines Simultaneous Supervision

    Student Agreement Simultaneous Supervision HDR Enrolment

  • HDR Supervision Awards

    Every year the University calls for nominations for at least one award to recognise and encourage sustained excellence in the supervision and support of Higher Degree by Research students. Each Faculty will nominate one supervisor for consideration.
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  • Conflict of Interest Guidelines for the Nomination of Higher Degree by Research Thesis Examiners

    In developing these guidelines we acknowledge, with thanks, the Australian Council of Graduate Research (ACGR) Conflict of Interest Guidelines.

    The use of independent thesis examiners is an important indicator of the quality of an institution's examination process, requiring examination and classification to be undertaken independently and free of bias. To ensure independence of the examination process, an examiner should not be nominated if there is the potential for a conflict of interest with the student, supervisor, university, subject matter or with another examiner. There are a range of circumstances which have the potential to introduce bias and compromise the independence of the examination. It is important to note the conflict of interest can exist in fact or in perception.

    In dealing with potential conflicts of interest it is important to:

    • Distinguish between major conflicts which generally result in non-appointment of the examiner and minor conflicts which should be declared and explained, but don’t necessarily inhibit the examiner's independence; and
    • Consider mitigating factors associated with conflicts of interest arising from collaboration on publications and/or research grants, or board memberships. The size of the team or the relative independence of some members have the potential to shift a major (potential) conflict of interest to a minor one.

    Detailed information is available on the Conflict of Interest Guidelines for the Nomination of Higher Degree by Research Thesis Examiners webpage.

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