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School Education Program for high schools (years 10 – 11)

Healthy Development Adelaide offer a School Education Program on the research currently taking place in the areas of reproductive health and healthy development.

We are offering for a senior researcher and PhD student to come out to your school for an interactive talk and slide session. The sessions will cover both the latest research and the possible career paths open to students in these areas.

The program is open to students in years 10-11 and the following topics will be presented to small class sizes to achieve the full benefit of the session.

Our program partners include the University of Adelaide, University of South Australia, Flinders University, and Women's and Children's Health Network.


How life before birth affects your health?
How do maternal age, lifestyle, nutrition, drugs and alcohol affect the unborn baby? How does the baby grow and how are nutrients and drugs transferred from mother to baby? [University of Adelaide]

Infertility is on the rise - what is the cause?
In Australia, infertility affects around 3 million people. We are exploring factors causing infertility including age, partner mismatch, obesity and environmental factors. [University of Adelaide]

IVF and assisted reproductive technology - how does it work?
How common is infertility and IVF, what is IVF and how does it work, what does the early embryo look like and how does it grow, how does lifestyle affect fertility? [University of Adelaide]

How reproductive cancers develop and spread?
Cancer affects approximately 1/3 Australians. Cancer cells are cells that grow out of control and stop normal cells from doing their job. We are investigating how cancer cells develop and how they spread to other parts of the body with the aim to finding cures and better treatments. [University of Adelaide]


Mental health in young people - should we be worried?
How do we tell if someone has a mental health problem, prevalence and description of types of mental health problems, why mental disorders are a problem for society, and seeking help for mental health problems. [Women's and Children's Health Network]

What's new in nutrition and gut health?
The dietary administration of naturally-occurring bioactives (such as probiotics) are becoming more widely used for the treatment of intestinal diseases and for the general maintenance of well-being. Setting up an early start to a healthy life. [University of Adelaide]

Can dairy products give you better cognition, psychological wellbeing and cardiometabolic health?
Recent studies provide evidence for the role of low fat dairy foods in improving obesity, hypertension, diabetes and abnormal lipid levels, but there is limited research that has examined the relationship between dairy consumption and cognitive health. This is a novel research question that warrants investigation as dairy consumption may benefit cognition via its positive effects on cardiometabolic health. We have undertaken studies that have shown dairy consumption is related to better body composition as well as some aspects of cognitive function and psychological wellbeing such as stress and social functioning. [University of South Australia]

Physical activity and sedentary behaviour in young people
It is well known that being physically active influences health, but what about time spent sitting? Does the time you spend sitting in front of the television or computer influence your health? What about sitting and talking? The way we spend our time has associations with various health and academic outcomes. We have undertaken research into how physical activity and sedentary behaviour undertaken in a number of contexts influences health, well being and academic outcomes in young people. [Flinders University]


Registration of Interest

Only a small number of programs can be offered each year due to availability of researchers and students volunteering their time.

Please complete and submit the Registration form. All registrations of interest will be considered.

If you require further information please contact:

Anne Jurisevic - HDA Network & Communications Officer: ph: (08) 8313 8222,