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Success in the University means creating an environment where people can perform at their best to enable the school, branch and individual to achieve their objectives.

It is the role of all people managers to guide and manage the performance of staff, both as individuals and as a team. They must ensure a clear line of sight linking everyone’s work to the University’s strategy; they must also convey what contribution is expected, set performance objectives, provide feedback, appraise performance, guide development and ensure staff are rewarded for good performance.

Staff are responsible for their performance and their participation in performance management, both formal and informal. The University provides a framework to support people managers and staff in this essential area of good business practice.

  • Position Descriptions
    Position Descriptions outline a position/role in terms of objectives, responsibilities and outcomes, capabilities and behaviours, and knowledge and experience required to successfully perform the role.
  • Planning, Development and Review (PDR)
    The Planning, Development and Review process provides mechanisms for aligning goals and objectives and for planning the resources and development required to enable them.
  • Reward and Recognition
    Reward and Recognition supports and reinforces the University's goals, values and vision, by a process that is applied fairly, transparently and consistently across the University.
  • Talent Management
    Managing Talent means ensuring that the University has the right people to take on the emerging requirements of the organisation. This occurs through our managers attracting, retaining and developing our people in order to put them in the best position for both their own and the University’s future.
  • Performance Improvement
    Performance management should happen on a day-to-day basis through regular conversations with staff and these should deal with all aspects of performance ranging from outstanding achievement to that which is below the requirements of a staff member’s role.

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