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Performance Improvement

Managers are responsible for monitoring and managing the performance of their staff.

Performance management should happen on a day-to-day basis through regular conversations with staff and these should deal with all aspects of performance ranging from outstanding achievement to that which is below the requirements of a staff member’s role.

The Performance Management Continuum demonstrates the various stages of activity which a manager may need to engage in with their team members in relation to performance.

At the University of Adelaide, all of these activities are underpinned by some key principles:
  • Setting clear performance expectations
  • Providing fair and accurate (evidence-based) informal feedback
  • Ongoing development
  • Respect
  • Procedural fairness
  • Natural justice
  • Mutuality
  • Psychological safety
  • Transparency
  • Help to solve everyday problems.

When a staff member’s work performance does not meet a satisfactory standard an appropriate process of corrective action must be taken.

University of Adelaide managers are encouraged to address underperformance in its early stages on a day-to-day basis. Only if this is ineffective should the more formal process, underpinned by the University of Adelaide Enterprise Agreement, be engaged.


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