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Adelaide Women Leadership Development Program

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The University of Adelaide is committed to developing and guiding its leaders to meet future challenges and opportunities whilst pursuing excellence in all that it does. In particular, the University is focussed on improving the representation of women in senior academic and professional roles.

To support the University's strategic direction, which aims to both increase the percentage of women in senior academic and professional roles and enhance the University’s standing as a gender equity employer, the Adelaide Women Leadership Development Program will continue in 2020. The program has been designed to develop women leaders with the potential and willingness to move into senior leadership roles.

Adelaide Women Leadership Development Program will continue in 2020.

This program provides targeted development activities for women identified as having the aspirations and ability to progress into more senior leadership positions at the University. ‘Adelaide Women’ aims to build participant’s leadership skills and capabilities through the completion of leadership diagnostic tools, tailored learning workshops, individual coaching and participation in a shadowing program.

Program Objectives

  • Create a cohort of female leaders with the confidence and capability to operate as senior leaders and role models within the University
  • Develop a strong a strong pipeline of female talent ready to move into leadership roles
  • Create a supportive community of women at middle management level
  • Establish a ‘ripple effect’, where participants support and encourage other women in the University to flourish
  • Build the support and skills of senior leaders and line managers in overcoming the barriers to gender equity
  • Increase the profile of women in leadership across the University and deliver on the Dornwell Framework commitments

Outcomes for the Participants

The ‘Adelaide Women’ program has two key focus areas:
  • Support participants’ personal career development, where they will:
    • Gain confidence, resilience and capability to operate as leaders within the University
    • Increase their visibility and profile among senior leaders in the University
    • Establish sponsors and networks outside their direct Faculty/Division/School
    • Define a meaningful career path that will offer long term contribution to the University
    • Identify and capture career goals and the steps required to achieve these
    • Develop strategies to move past personal barriers that impede success and enjoyment
    • Build confidence to seek new opportunities
  • Guide participants to be change agents within the University, where they will: 
    • Create a supportive community of women who collaborate with one another and act as change champions for gender equity within the University
    • Establish a ‘ripple effect’, where participants act as role models for other women in the University, champion change for gender diversity and challenge the University to operate differently, creating a workplace where all employees thrive.

Application and Selection Criteria

  • Employed in a full or part-time capacity at the University of Adelaide
  • Are employed until at least December the year the program is being run (if current contract expires before this date, applications must be accompanied by a letter from applicant’s Line Manager / Head of School indicating an expected renewal of the current contract)
  • Have direct reports or a current leadership role
  • Availability: Must be able to participate in the seven month program and complete all program requirements.

Participants will also be asked to provide their response in relation to the Selection Criteria, which are:  Availability, Aspiration, Readiness, Ability, Motivation and Communication.

Process for Application and Selection

The process for application and selection is two-fold. Nominations will be sought from Executive Deans / Division Heads and in addition individuals who are interested should check the application and selection criteria, discuss it with their Line Manager and apply if suitable by completing the Program Application Form and returning it to the Learning and Development Team.

Forms and Information Sheets


Any queries about the Program or the process for nomination, please contact the Learning and Development team.


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For all enquiries please contact the Human Resources Service Centre.

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