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Leader as Coach

The University of Adelaide is an organisation that has excellence at its core, and so it is important to maintain and support professional development opportunities in a number of ways. Coaching is a critical component of development for our leaders because when used effectively, it is a strategy that can support and motivate high performance, as well as encourage and guide continuous learning. One- to-one coaching is an integral aspect of people leadership and a key leadership capability for:

  • Facilitating learning
  • Enabling transfer of knowledge
  • Improving staff capability for the long term 
  • Facilitating effective delegation of work
  • Optimising staff performance excellence, and
  • Creating a productive workplace culture

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this Program participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the elements and benefits of coaching as an approach to lead and develop staff
  • Describe strategies to optimise personal effectiveness as a Leader-Coach
  • Demonstrate key skills necessary to be a successful coach
  • Demonstrate through the use of tailored scenarios, the skills to apply a coaching model
  • Develop an individual action plan to achieve ‘leader as coach’ performance excellence.

Program Topics

This Program will cover:

  • Understanding the process of coaching, what it entails and the skills that are required to operate as an effective coach
  • Identifying the benefits of operating in the role of ‘leader as coach’ – and the risks of not doing so
  • Exploring current strengths and areas for capability development in coaching skills
  • Identifying strategies for developing the environment and relationships to enable successful coaching
  • Working with the I-GROW coaching model, developing coaching questions and recognising coachable moments
  • Practising a range of coaching conversations using your own or tailored examples.

Delivery mode

Face to Face

Target Audience

To be eligible for this workshop, participants should have responsibility for providing coaching and support, as part of their role.

The content is appropriate for HEO6 - HEO9, Level B and C - including Course Coordinators and Program Directors.

If you have questions about the relevance of the content, please feel free to call Rebecca Nicol, Manager, learning and Development.


Cath Sarah, Associate Consultant, HRM Matters

Cath has over 19 years experience in program management, coaching and facilitation in a diverse range of sectors including private, public, not-for-profit and higher education sectors. She has been an Associate with HRM Matters for over seven years and she and the Director have worked closely together on whole of organisational leadership programs. Specifically Cath has facilitated ‘Leader as Coach’ sessions to Leaders at all level for over 5 years. Cath has previously worked with The University of Adelaide for two years, including the Emerging Leaders Program, and other universities during her career. Cath is a highly engaging and passionate facilitator who enjoys drawing out the experience of participants and encouraging reflective practice.



Workshop Details

Thursday 23 May
9:30am - 4pm
Level 3, Rundle Mall Plaza

Thursday 31 October
9:30am - 4pm
Level 3, Rundle Mall Plaza

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