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Hazard Management

Roles, Responsibilities and Actions

  • List of chapter contents for reference
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    3.5.3 - Planning
    3.5.4 - Stage 1: Identify hazards
    3.5.5 - Stage 2: Assess the risk
    3.5.6 - Stage 3: Control the risk
    3.5.7 - Stage 4: Monitor and review control measures
    3.5.8 - Ongoing management of hazards
    3.5.9 - Documentation

    Appendix A - Risk Assessment Decision Tool
    Appendix B - Hazard Listing Template
    Appendix C - Long Form Risk Assessment
    Appendix D - Short Form Risk Assessment
    Appendix E - Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) Template
  • Transitional period

    Where a Hazard Listing is required, transitional arrangements have been approved by the Policy Custodian to support implementation by Schools/Branches for the action outlined below.

    "Ensure that there is a local area/School/Branch Hazard Listing(s) (or equivalent) documented, which:
    • includes all the "static" activities, where a risk assessment is required in accordance with the Hazard Management – Risk Assessment Decision Tool;
    • is available in the local area, in either hard copy or electronic copy; and
    • is included in the local area/School/Branch induction process (as applicable)."

    (Note: All other provisions for induction outlined in the HSW Induction chapter continue to apply until the local area/School/Branch induction processes include the Hazard Listing.)

    The transition period expires on 30 April 2016. All other requirements within the chapter are required and effective from 21 October 2015 (i.e. date of authorisation).

Frequently Asked Questions

Forms and Templates

  • Annual Hazard Review
  • Risk Assessment Decision Tool (Appendix A)
  • Hazard Listing Template (Appendix B) doc pdf
  • Long Form Risk Assessment (Appendix C) doc pdf
  • Short Form Risk Assessment (Appendix D) doc pdf
  • Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) Template (Appendix E) doc pdf
  • Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) Decision Tool doc

Legislation and Guidelines

Further Information

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