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Incident Reporting and Investigation

(includes Notifiable Occurrences)

Note: This chapter (previously called Incident Reporting and Investigation) has been divided into two parts and aligns with the online incident reporting system, UniSafe.

Roles, Responsibilities and Actions

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    Reporting a Safety Issue or Incident
    4   Internal notification of incidents (including near misses) or safety issues (see definitions)
    5   Assess the UniSafe incident report
    6   Notifiable incidents (i.e. require reporting to the regulator SafeWork SA)
    A - Report a Safety Issue or Incident Flowchart

    Incident Investigation
    3   Fact Finding (includes Notifiable Incident Investigation)
    4   Where a “Review of controls” (see definitions) is selected by the HSWO
    5   Where a “Full investigation” (see definitions) is selected by the HSWO
    6   Actions arising from a “Full investigation”
    7   For an Improvement Notice or Prohibition Notice (see definitions)

Frequently Asked Questions

Forms and Templates

Legislation and Guidelines

Further Information

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