HSW Information, Instruction and Training (Provision of) FAQs

The purpose of this information sheet is to provide Managers/Supervisors with guidance on the requirements for local induction/orientation of workers, in accordance with the Provision of HSW information, instruction and training chapter of the HSW Handbook.

Appendix A - Local Induction Record Template (Word Doc/PDF)

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  • What is the intent of HSW induction/orientation?

    To provide suitable and adequate HSW information to a worker when they:

    • commence work; or
    • are relocated or change their role significantly; or
    • return from an extended leave of absence.
  • What type of information is included during HSW induction/orientation?

    he information provided will depend on the worker’s role and area of work. All staff will receive the information outlined in a) and b) below.

    a) At a corporate level – the HSW web-based induction

    All new staff are provided with general information to assist them to understand:

    • the University’s health, safety and wellbeing system/framework;
    • that all staff have responsibilities for health and safety and in general terms, what they are;
    • where they can access information, assistance and general safety information.

    This information is provided on-line as part of the broader University’s induction program.  (i.e. included in the on-boarding tasks within the first 3 months of employment.  For further information, please refer to the HSW online induction.)

    b) At a local level

    (This information may be provided at a School/Branch or area level, depending on the agreed Faculty/Division HSW arrangements.)

    • Workers are provided with general information to assist them to understand (as a minimum):
    • the nature of hazards in the area of work, including a brief summary of any activities/items listed on the local Hazard Listing(s);
    • how they will be provided with the safety information relevant to their role, including the specific control measures for the activities listed on the local/area Hazard Listing(s) as applicable;
    • the location of health and safety information (if relevant)
      e.g. hazard listings, safe operating procedures, safety data sheets;
    • the names of key health and safety personnel. e.g. Health, Safety and Wellbeing Team, Health and Safety Representative(s), First Aid Officer(s), Floor Warden(s);
    • the location of the first aid kit(s);
    • that additional instruction (Induction and/or Proficiency) or Training (Competencies/licences/qualifications), may also be required before undertaking a task if:
      • working with hazardous chemicals (e.g. provision of lab rules); and/or
      • a level of proficiency is identified on a risk assessment as a control measure; and/or
      • a risk assessment for the activity has a residual risk of high or very high; and/or
      • the WHS legislation requires the worker to be assessed as competent (i.e. formal training by an authorised or Nationally Recognised Training Organisation who will provide them with a statement of attainment, qualification or licence following successful completion of the training)
    • emergency procedures for the area including:
      • procedure(s) on hearing an alarm e.g. Fire (single alarm or Beep.Beep.Whoop.Whoop, duress alarm, gas alarm in the area of work;
      • the location of the Emergency Evacuation Posters & Emergency Colour charts, with a brief explanation of Code Blue, Code Red etc
      • the location of the Emergency Exits & External Assembly Area(s) and Break Glass/duress/gas alarms/isolation points etc
      • Security arrangements for the building/area of work (e.g. swipe card access), working in isolation, after hours.
      • Emergency spill kit location and response (if applicable)
    • how to raise/report a HSW issue (e.g. a hazard, add an agenda item for discussion at a relevant committee, the requirement to report a work related incident/injury as soon as possible and who to report to;
    • the importance of discussing with the Manager/Supervisor, any specific requirements if they have a disability and require additional assistance in the role (e.g. building access, workstation modification, procedures for emergency evacuation);

    This general information can be delivered on a one-on-one basis, or as a group (e.g. lecture), on-line, email, brochure and/or website.

    See the Local Induction Record Template (Word Doc/PDF) which provides the minimum information to be provided but can be further customised by your School/Branch/area if required.

    For the University’s requirements for Contractor induction, refer to the Contractor Safety Management Handbook chapter.

  • Is there a requirement for the information to be tailored to ensure that the worker understands the information in their induction/orientation?

    Yes. There is a WHS legislative requirement for Managers/Supervisors to ensure that the information has been understood by the person i.e. presented in a format that is suitable for their level of knowledge, experience and individual factors have been considered (e.g. language barriers, disabilities, knowledge base).

  • What induction/orientation information is relevant for externally placed staff?

    The Manager/Supervisor for the staff member is to determine what HSW information is relevant to the role and specific area of work.  This information can be provided face-to-face, or alternatively if this is not practicable, in an email.

    Where email is used and the staff member is working with, or required to access an area containing hazardous chemicals or a level of proficiency is required before the staff member completes the task(s) then additional requirements are applicable.  Refer to the Provision of HSW information, instruction and training chapter of the HSW Handbook for specific requirements.

  • Following the initial induction/orientation, what level of supervision/assistance is required?

    The level of supervision/assistance required is to be determined by the Supervisor/Manager for each worker based on the nature of the hazards associated with the work (e.g. area specific hazard listings) to ensure that the person is not placed at risk and/or does not place another person at risk.  Additional instruction/training may also be required and is to be discussed with the worker to ensure it is completed before they undertake the work.

    Refer to the Provision of HSW information, instruction and training chapter of the HSW Handbook for specific requirements.

  • What records are required for local induction/orientation and what needs to be tracked on the School/Branch Training Plan?

    In accordance with the HSW Handbook chapter Provision of HSW information, instruction and training.

    Level 1 : Information
    Local induction/orientation training records are not required to be kept on file and training does not need to be tracked on the School/Branch HSW Training Plan.

    Schools/Branches must be able to demonstrate that there is a system (or systems) in place for providing suitable and adequate HSW information when a person commences work e.g. a log book, or a template similar to the Local Induction Record (Word Doc/PDF) of this information sheet and provide the information face-to-face or, have a specific website/brochure or email template used as part of the on-boarding activities.  This Information may be requested in the event of a significant incident and/or for HSW audit purposes.  Having regard to:

    • the nature of the work carried out by the worker; and
    • the nature of the risks associated with the work at the time the information, instruction or training is provided; and
    • the control measures to be implemented.

    Level 2 : Instruction
    Local induction/orientation training records are required as evidence that all workers:

    • using Hazardous Chemicals and/or entering a Chemical Laboratory containing Hazardous Chemicals have been provided with specific information and instructions before entering or working in the area e.g. lab rules, emergency procedures (this includes any area/task involving radiation).  This record may be kept in each lab’s log book or within an equivalent records management system e.g. a signed induction/orientation record for each worker which includes the relevant local information. 

    This record does not need to be tracked on the School/Branch HSW Training Plan.

    Induction records for contractors are outlined in the Contractor Safety Management Chapter of the HSW Handbook.

Further information

Please contact your local HSW team.