Travel Safety FAQs

COVID-19 and Travel

Travel restrictions have been lifted for vaccinated staff and students. Please refer to the COVID-19 FAQs and the Travel Insurance FAQs for latest updates on COVID-19 and University travel insurance.

This information sheet provides supporting information on the integration of health, safety and wellbeing principles into the Travel Policy & Procedures and Procedures of the University. 

It is intended to provide guidance to management, staff & students within the University.  This information is for international travel only, interstate travel is referred to in the Off-Campus Activity (including field work) HSW Handbook Chapter.

(Students should also refer to the Study Overseas website, to become part of an integrated support framework that assists with travel insurance and Faculty approvals.  Registering in SMART will increase your safety overseas by letting the University of Adelaide know where you are and what you’re doing.  Faculty and Advisors are available to assist you if required.)

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Further information

Please contact your local HSW team.