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General Safety Information for Undergraduate Students

The following information is provided to assist you to understand some basic safety processes at The University of Adelaide.

Emergency Procedures
The University of Adelaide has an extensive network of Emergency Wardens in all buildings on all campuses during normal working hours.  The Emergency Wardens will provide assistance for any emergency situation including fire/smoke, personal threat, bomb threat etc.  
Please note that in the event of a fire alarm situation, the University of Adelaide requires all students to cease activities and prepare for evacuation on hearing the Alert Tone (Beep…Beep...), and when hearing the evacuation alarm (Whoop…Whoop…), to leave the building via the nearest emergency exit.  Do not use lifts.  Students are not to re-enter the building until given the “all clear” by a Warden, Security or Emergency Services.  After hours, or where you are in a building with a single alarm (e.g. a continuous ringing bell) then you should leave the building on hearing any alarm. 

Emergency charts are displayed in the corridors of all buildings and will provide you with additional information on Bomb Threat, Personal Threat and other emergencies.  If you require assistance for any emergency situation please contact Security on 831 35444. Learn more.


First Aid
The University of Adelaide has an extensive network of first aid trained staff who can assist you should there be an injury.  If you would like are unsure as to where the nearest first aid point is please ask a staff member. It is also worth noting that all Security staff are first aid trained should you have need of first aid out of normal hours.  First Aid assistance can be gained by ringing Security on 831 35990 or in a life-threatening emergency (0)000.

First Aid

Student Counselling Service
The University of Adelaide provides a helpful, free and confidential Counselling Service to all enrolled students seeking to address issues that may be affecting their study and life. Learn more.


The University of Adelaide operates a 24/7 Security operation at North Tce (831 35990), Waite (831 37200) and Roseworthy Campus (831 37999).  For a life-threatening emergency call (0)000 and then contact Security on 831 35444.  Our helpful security staff provide a number of services including assistance in emergencies, security escorts and assistance with lost property. You can visit the Security website for more information on the services provided. Learn more.


Incident Reporting
The University of Adelaide has an injury and hazard reporting process that allows the University of Adelaide to act promptly to reduce the likelihood of injuries in the future. If you see a hazard or are injured please report it to a staff member in the area where it occurred or to the University of Adelaide Security Office.


The University of Adelaide is smoke-free and we ask that you please refrain from smoking whilst on any of our campuses.


Undergraduate Course Safety
Students will be provided during their undergraduate courses with induction and training appropriate to the activities that they are undertaking. This may take the form of verbal instruction and/or written instructions depending on the activity. It is important that you pay attention to safety instructions and follow any specific laboratory or workshop rules that have been created to ensure your safety. Students who fail to adhere to safety instructions may be asked to leave the class or activity.

Course Safety

Contact HR Service Centre

For all enquiries please contact the Human Resources Service Centre.

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