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Manager and Colleague Assist
(a component of the EAP program)

The University also has in place a “Manager and colleague Assist” program.  With just a simple phone call, Managers/Supervisors and staff can access help and advice to deal proactively with the stress or frustration sometimes associated with the role of managing others or when you suspect or know that a work colleague is struggling with an issue and you are unsure how/if to provide support.

Some examples of where “Manager Assist” can help are:
  • A particular student or staff member is very difficult to deal with and this is starting to cause much frustration and stress;
  • The thought of presenting to a “tough” audience makes you feel queasy.  You need some practical guidance on how to de-stress in preparation for your next presentation;
  • You are having trouble getting on with a staff member.  You want some strategies on how you can work through some of the interpersonal issues;
  • You have had a hard day dealing with everyone else’s problems and you really need to debrief with someone so you can build up some more reserves; or
  • You are scheduled to have a “difficult” conversation with someone, and you want to prepare yourself to deal with the strong response the conversation may trigger.
Some examples of where “Colleague Assist” can help are:
  • You are aware or suspect that a colleague is suffering from a illness (e.g. depression, anxiety);
  • How to start a conversation and what you might say; and
  • Finding the right balance of support and assistance when you consider that a colleague is becoming reliant on you and you wish to set up some boundaries at work.

How can you access Manager and Colleague Assist?

Manager and Colleague Assist is a telephone based service provided by CHG. All you need to do is telephone 83529898 during business hours, Monday to Friday.

Identify that you are an employee of the University of Adelaide, and you wish to talk to a counsellor from Manager and Colleague Assist. Leave your contact phone number and name and one of CHG's counsellors will return your call as soon as possible. They will return your call within 24 hours, usually on the same day.


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