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The University offers a range of events, resources and information for improving your wellbeing. To keep up-to-date on what's new, subscribe to the Wellbeing@Adelaide newsletter.

Upcoming events

Current wellbeing events and initiatives are listed below. Have an idea or some feedback on a wellbeing event? Send us an email!

  • Real talk - a conversational approach to supporting mental health and wellbeing

    headspace, in partnership with Universities Australia, is hosting a short, practical workshop on how to talk about mental health with people at work and in your personal life.

    This workshop will help you:

    • notice changes in a person's mood or behaviours that may indicate mental health difficulties
    • start a conversation to ask if someone is ok
    • provide timely and appropriate support

    This workshop is tailored for people who work in universities. It will also take you through the newly developed resources and tools tailored for the university community and demonstrate how to apply these in your daily practice.

    Be part of the conversation that is making our universities a safer and happier place, to work
    and study, because real talk can equal real change.

    Please note: sessions are filling fast and are currently booked out until March 2022


    Sessions will be held online via zoom.


    2 hours with a 10 minute break.


    You can select a workshop day and time from one of 50 time slots being offered. Each workshop is limited to 35 participants. Once capacity is reached, registration for that time slot will be closed.

    How to register

    You must register for your workshop through Eventbrite. Please note, these webinars are for staff connected to an Australian University.

    Register now

  • Mental Health awareness program

    A new Mental Health Awareness online program has been launched to support staff to more effectively manage mental health and wellbeing at work. These three modules will assist you to gain an increased awareness of your own mental health, prioritise and implement self-care, and explore strategies to support yourself and your colleagues.

    Access program via MyUni.

  • Wellbeing health check

    Have you had your Wellbeing Health Check?

    The University Health Practice (Unicare) in collaboration with University of Adelaide made available Wellbeing Health Checks for all continuing, fixed-term and casual staff members.

    The best way to stay healthy is to understand and care for your own health, understand your own risk factors and family history. Regular health checks are an important tool to continue to remain healthy and address issues as they arise. Making an appointment with Unicare for an annual health check is a good place to start. The health checks were for staff of the University and bulk-billed with your valid Medicare card.

    What was involved in a wellbeing health check?

    • 30-40 minutes with the nurse and GP.
    • Diabetes risk assessment
    • ECG
    • Blood Pressure, Weight, BMI
    • Medical history
    • Blood tests if required

    Limited bookings available!

    Book now

Recordings of wellbeing events

  • Preventing Bowel Cancer Seminar

    Bowel cancer is the second most common cause of cancer-related death in Australia, but it doesn’t have to be. Detected early, 99% of bowel cancer cases can be successfully treated or even prevented. This seminar will provide you with information and steps that we can all take to prevent bowel cancer and lead healthy lives. This seminar was presented by Nick Lee, Founder & Chair of the Jodi Lee Foundation 

    Access recording


  • Retirement considerations webinar

    Like any chapter in your life, preparation can go a long way to ensure you're emotionally and financially ready for the road ahead. But where do you start when it comes to retiring?

    To help you on your way, this webcast will provide an overview of the issues you need to consider in the lead-up to retirement.

    This webinar will be presented by UniSuper and will discuss:

    • challenges in retirement
    • establishing retirement objectives
    • contribution strategies
    • income in retirement.

    When: 19 October @ 12pm to 1pm

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  • Building a flexible mindset during troubled times seminar

    Building a Flexible Mindset During Troubled Times Seminar

    Troubled times can often lead us to feeling overwhelmed and distressed but we can find a way to manage our feelings and build a flexible mind. During this session we will look at building our flexibility of our mind to allow us to adapt and respond to unknown or unexpected events that turn up for us. Through exploring staying in the present; taking action in line with your goals and values as well as opening up to experiences (both expected and unexpected) we can live a calmer, more fulfilling life. This seminar is being presented by Adrian Booth, Psychologist, SA Health.


  • Women's health seminar

    Preventative medicine and screening seminar

    This session will provide information on how to ensure women’s health by looking at preventative medicine and screening. The presentation led by Dr Louise Stranks, General Practitioner, and Trish Serocki, Physiotherapist, will discuss how to ensure women’s health and wellbeing are maintained and discuss tests and actions that can be undertaken to ensure women remain both physically and mentally well. There will be time to ask questions at the end of the session.

    Access recording

    Please note: If you are not on North Terrace Campus but would like to attend, please register and on the day your will receive an email with a zoom meeting invitation.

  • Women's health - Curious about a plant-based diet?

    The importance of nutrition in women’s health seminar

    Dr Heleen Roex will guide you through the science of nutrition in relation to our health, such as the prevention, management and reversal of Cardio Vascular Disease, the number one killer of women in Australia. She will cover how adopting a plant-based diet will help you achieve a healthy weight, reduce your risk of developing breast cancer and the role nutrition plays in menopause, PCOS and endometriosis.

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  • Women's health - A female focus on finances webcast

    A female focus on finances webcast

    Research shows that women face unique challenges when it comes to money and saving for retirement. It’s a complex issue, impacted by the number of women in part-time work, and taking time out of the workforce to care for children and family.

    This webcast is suitable for women of all ages who’d like to develop a better understanding of financial matters and managing their retirement savings. We’ll discuss:

    • how to build a financial foundation
    • understanding your super
    • insurance considerations
    • planning retirement.

    While this event focuses on women in all their diversity, other members of our community including trans and gender diverse people may also retire with less super as they face  barriers to full employment. Therefore, this event is suitable for members at any age or gender who want a better understanding of their finances.

    This webcast is being delivered by UniSuper Management Pty Ltd.  

    Access recording

    If you prefer you can book an appointment or call 1800 823 842 to speak to a Super Consultant.

  • Women's Health - Overcoming the imposter syndrome seminar

    Overcoming the imposter syndrome seminar

    Ever had the nagging feeling that you are not good enough, you fear failure and that others may notice that you are not really as good as you seem?   This is a form of anxiety called ‘The Imposter Syndrome’.  These feelings have no basis and are more common than you think, particularly in successful, intelligent, highly achieving individuals, who, no matter how many qualifications they have or accolades they receive, continue to doubt their ability.  In this presentation we will talk about the slippery slope of potential self-criticism; prevalence and how we might turn such negative thoughts into more positive thinking styles.  This session is being led by Dr Mike Musker.

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  • Mood and Weight – Is there a link?

  • Mastering stress workshop webinar

    Understanding the early warning signs and symptoms of negative stress and burnout and learning practical tips based on new research, can help us to master stress.

    This workshop defines the concept of stress and discusses ways for you to recognise the signs and symptoms of stress. It will challenge participants to think about stress differently and to build on your personal resources and self-care strategies to enhance your resilience.

    • Presented by Dr. Helen Smith - Human Psychology
    • Thursday 24th June, 12:30pm

    Access recording

  • Self care at work: the benefits and complexities

    This seminar will teach you strategies to ensure that you more than just survive at work but you thrive at work. This session was led by Dr Maura Kenny is a Consultant Psychiatrist and a long-term meditator within the Insight Meditation tradition. She is the Coordinator of the Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Programs at the Centre for the Treatment of Anxiety & Depression in SA Health.

    During this presentation Dr Maura Kenny spoke about key elements such as:

    • minimising mental health harm,
    • building organisational resilience through good management,
    • enhancing personal wellbeing, promoting early help-seeking
    • supporting recovery to return to work. 

    She discussed evidence-based strategies and approaches that can enhance the last three areas, led some brief mindfulness practices that can be used in the workplace, and touched on some of the controversies and obstacles.

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  • Fatigue management webinar

    The session aims to provide continuing, fixed and casual staff of the University with not only the knowledge on the effects of fatigue but also on how to reduce their levels of fatigue and giving them more energy every day. Participants will be offered practical tips around the best foods to choose and avoid for greater energy, the use of caffeine, effects of alcohol and tips on sleep and recovery. Simple lifestyle changes will be discussed to stop you feeling flat and get you feeling great.

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  • Managing your financial wellbeing

    Building financial wellbeing assists us to control our finances, to feel secure now and to plan for the future.

    As we continue to face challenges in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, UniSuper will deliver two webcasts
    for continuing, fixed-term and casual staff of the University focusing on your financial wellbeing and provide tools to help you plan for the future. Topics will include managing debt, investment basics and protecting your financial wellbeing. The 60 minute interactive webcast will be interactive and allows you to submit questions during the presentation

    Listen to Webcast

  • Building resilience training for managers

    This two hour webinar explored a range of practical ideas and techniques to help managers build resilience and deal with stressors for themselves and how to build team resilience with their staff.

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  • Building resilience training for staff

    This 60 minute webinar explored a range of practical ideas and techniques to help build resilience and deal with stressors in a positive and healthy manner.

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Bupa health assessment

Bupa online health assessment

Complete an online health assessment to see a snapshot of your current health status. Register and log in to take the assessment.

Find out more

Online modules

  • Life skills module - Building emotional intelligence

    Our emotional intelligence is a valuable skill that can generate positive, constructive outcomes, personally and professionally. When applied effectively, it can help get us through some difficult situations and overcome communication barriers. This module looks at what it means to be emotionally intelligent and outlines five key components that are known to be present when emotional intelligence is applied. Some tips and strategies are provided to help develop and enhance these five areas.

    Two modules are available, one for managers and another for continuing, fixed-term and casual staff. These modules are available now.



  • Life skills online module - Finding common ground

    Tips for handling conflict at work.

    Where two or more personalities come together in a demanding environment, there is the potential for conflict situations to arise. Allowing conflict to persist in a workplace can pose a risk to wellbeing, performance and team culture. This module explores the causes and impacts of conflict at work, and provides guidance on how to avoid conflict where appropriate. It guides participants through some healthy communication styles and provides tips and insights to help ensure people can work through problems without harming working relationships.

    Two modules are available, one for managers and another for continuing, fixed-term and casual staff. These modules are available from 2 November, 2020.



  • Life skills online module - Building healthy coping skills

    How we respond to challenges in life can impact our performance, our relationships and our wellbeing. This module provides a range of strategies for coping with some everyday challenges, with a focus on change. It explores the notion of resilience and provides a six-step model for working through problems and being better prepared for future challenges. 

    Two modules are available, one for managers and another for continuing, fixed-term and casual staff. These modules are available.



  • Bupa online health assessment

    How healthy are you?

    Complete an online health assessment to see a snapshot of your current health status. Find out your ‘real’ health age, suggestions for managing some of your health risks and receive an immediate, personalised report. It's available for all continuing, fixed-term and casual staff and only takes 15 minutes to complete and your results will remain completely anonymous.

    Find out more

Past initiatives

  • Skin health checks

    On-campus skin health checks were provided by Better Medical (previously Adelaide UniCare) at the North Terrace campus. These are now fully booked.

    The University of Adelaide offered a reimbursement of $25 of the out of pocket gap. Evidence of a receipt will be required. To find out more click on the button below.

    more information

  • Men’s Health Seminar

    Did you know that men are more likely to get sick from serious health problems than women?

    Sadly also - 75% of deaths as a result of suicide are men

    Now is the time to start thinking about men’s health.  This seminar focused on how to improve health for men. The key presenter, Wayne Schwass, is a former successful Australian Rules football player, who has become a leading mental health advocate after speaking publicly about his own experiences with mental health conditions in 2006. Wayne is a passionate speaker on ways to eliminate the stigma of men’s mental health. In addition, Dr Paul Bolton and Dr Victor Lau, from the University Health Practice, spoke about how to build men’s health both physical and mental health.

    Wayne's Mental Health Toolbox:

    1. Prioritise sleep – it’s an investment in energy for the next day
    2. Exercise – in any form, increases self-confidence and self-worth as well as physical health
    3. Diet – eat healthily most of the time - to improve gut bacteria
    4. Inputs – ensure the content you read, view and hear is mainly positive – too much social media and too much negative news viewing can be unsettling / depressing
    5. Connect with positive people – develop and maintain positive and supportive relationships – avoid / minimise / change those that are toxic / destructive / negative 
    6. Reconnect emotionally – develop awareness of self, understand the cause of your feelings, and who you need to talk to - to understand how to deal with your feelings
    7. Self-awareness – recognise when something isn’t OK and seek help
    8. Ask for help and often - have close friends to confide in, a coach/mentor and a good GP
    9. Take antidepressants – if and when required
    10. Learn to say no – take time to slow down and re-calibrate
    11. Connect with emotions - Give yourself permission to cry. Don’t apologise for showing emotions

    Key take away message: Don’t compromise your mental health for anything or anyone

    Mental health resources:

  • Finding the Positives Seminar

    Finding the Positives Seminar

    Understanding how our emotional responses affect our wellbeing, our behaviours and our emotions assists us to maintain our wellbeing. This seminar provided participants with strategies to improve their well-being and manage their own response to behaviours or incidents that may cause an emotional response. This seminar was delivered by CHG (EAP provider).

    Download presentation

  • Surviving to thriving webinar

    ‘From Surviving to Thriving’ webinar presented by Bupa looked at a preventative approach to dealing with stress and examined the difference between healthy stress and unhealthy stress, explaining the impacts both have on performance.

    This dynamic, combined stress/resilience seminar took a preventative approach to dealing with stress, explored what it means to be resilient, and provided effective tools to build this personal resilience long term. Participants were challenged to make an action plan for the future, to not only build their resilience at work but also maintain good mental health and wellbeing generally.

    Wellness tip sheet - Resilience building for challenges

  • Mental health in uncertain times webinar

    This interactive webinar explored how times of great uncertainty impact individuals and organisations, highlighting which aspects of mental and behavioural health are most likely to be affected.

    It took a practical and proactive approach to help individuals adapt, build resilience and maintain their mental health with flexible thinking and emotional regulation.

  • Fatigue management seminar

    The session aims to provide participants with not only the knowledge on the effects of fatigue but also on how to reduce their levels of fatigue and give them more energy every day. Participants will be offered practical tips around the best foods to choose and avoid for greater energy, the use of caffeine, effects of alcohol and tips on sleep and recovery. Simple lifestyle changes will be discussed to stop you feeling flat and get you feeling great. This seminar is being delivered by Jenni Centofanti, Accredited Exercise Scientist and Health Promotion Consultants CHG (EAP provider).

    Download handouts

  • Financial wellbeing webinar

    Money worries can be exhausting. This webcast highlighted the importance of developing a healthy relationship with money and making informed financial decisions to shape your future.

    This webinar covered:

    • understanding spending
    • managing debt
    • investment basics
    • protecting your financial wellbeing, and
    • retirement planning.
  • Aboriginal cultural workshop - Aboriginal art

    A workshop on the importance of basket weaving and painting to Aboriginal people in Adelaide.

    This two hour workshop was led by Marra Dreaming where participants created a dot painting to take home, joined in with basket weaving and painting a canvas artwork. The workshop was led by local artists who will explain their culture as you participate in the activities.

  • Supportive teams webinar

    ‘Supportive Teams’ webinar presented by Bupa explored the ways we can assist our colleagues or team members who are struggling with common life issues such as depression, anxiety, family issues, grief, and stress-related problems.

    We focused on recognising the signs that someone needs support and teach participants how to start a conversation about mental health and general wellness.

  • Coping with change seminar

    This session was designed to enable participants to better understand change and how to move through each phase of change with a positive mindset. Participants left this session with practical tools and strategies to help cope with ongoing change within work and personal life situations such as COVID-19 and organisational structure changes.

    Session Outline:

    • The Phases of Change:
      • Denial
      • Resistance
      • Exploration
      • Commitment
    • The thoughts, emotions and behaviours that you may feel in each phase.
    • “Keeping things in perspective” – Tools and tips to help individuals cope with change.
    • Where/how to reach out and seek additional support.

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  • Men's health seminar

    When you understand the risk factors for some key health issues facing men you can manage your health better. Knowing what to look out for helps you make positive changes, seek help when you need it and help you to stay healthy for as long as possible.

    This seminar from Bupa is free to all fixed-term, continuing and casual staff. It covers a range of health issues and common risk factors affecting men, including heart health, diabetes, mental health, common cancers in men, osteoporosis and sexual health.

    Key learning outcomes

    Participants can expect to gain from this session an ability to:

    • Understand key health issues facing men in Australia
    • Understand health checks and screening tests to help stay on track to good health
    • Identify tips on healthy lifestyle habits to help reduce the risk of developing preventable health conditions

    Seminar delivery

    • Engaging presentation style format with group discussions and opportunity for Q&A at the end of the session
    • Interactive testicle check demonstration using a tactile tool with lumps and nodules
    • Participants will receive a take home tip sheet outlining key health issues for men

    Delivered by expert nurses, experienced in delivering health education to a wide variety of professionals.

    The 60 minute seminar was held on Monday 30 November.

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  • 5 ways to wellbeing challenge

    Did you know that October is Mental Health month? I will admit I did miss it myself.
    To acknowledge Mental Health Month, all continuing, fixed-term and casual staff are able to access a free five week challenge to improve their wellbeing and resilience.

    The challenge, 5 Ways to Wellbeing, will commence on Monday 12 October. The weekly email will include challenges, but don't worry, these will not be strenuous or difficult. It involves activities to build five small steps into your life to improve your wellbeing and resilience. They take as little time as 10 minutes per day to do.

    Each week you will receive an email with a selection of activities to do which will address the below five key areas:

    • Connection
    • Being active
    • Taking notice and being curious
    • Continue learning
    • Giving

    To make this a little fun, everyone involved in the challenge can encourage other staff members to join. Why not make a team and do the challenge together. Don’t forget to get the family involved as well!
    If you can find 10 minutes per day to commit to making either a small change or trying something new then please send through an email to the Wellbeing@Adelaide email address with "joining the 5 week challenge" in the subject line to stay in the loop. Why not give it a go? You have nothing to lose and lots to gain.
    Thank you for being part of the Wellbeing@Adelaide community! Looking forward to doing the challenge with you.

    Subscribe to the Wellbeing@Adelaide newsletter for notifications of similar challenges.

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Wellbeing news

Coping with anxiety as COVID-19 restrictions ease

The easing of public health restrictions in South Australia on November 23rd, 2021, is a big milestone and something to celebrate.

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Men's Health Seminar

Men’s Health Seminar 24 November 12.00-13.45, Benham G10 Lecture Theatre

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Finding the positives seminar

Finding the Positives Seminar 17 November 12.30-13.30, G10 Benham Lecture Theatre

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Skin health checks

The University of Adelaide is offering a limited number of skin health checks to continuing, fixed-term and casual staff.




Safe Work Australia is a proud partner of BeUpstanding



National Safe Work Month Safety Chat

Have a safety chat over a cuppa



World mental health day

Think Safe, Work Safe and Be Safe on Sunday 10 October - World Mental Health Day



Retirement considerations webinar

Like any chapter in your life, preparation can go a long way to ensure you're emotionally and financially ready for the road ahead. But where do you start when it comes to retiring?



Fatigue management seminar

Fatigue Management Seminar North Terrace Campus 25 October 12.30-13.30 G10 Benham Lecture Theatre



Sober October

What Is Sober October?



Optomistic October

This month's theme: Optimistic October



Financial wellbeing

Are you keen to learn the ins and outs of investing? Or would you like to better manage debt and feel less anxious about money?



Real talk

headspace, in partnership with Universities Australia, is hosting a short, practical workshop on how to talk about mental health with people at work and in your personal life.


Further information

Please contact the Central HSW team.