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COVID-19 Vaccinations

COVID vaccination

The University Health practice is an approved COVID-19 vaccination provider and is now delivering the vaccine to all eligible patients.

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National Safe Work Month - two weeks to go!

Safe work month 2020

There are only two weeks to go until National Safe Work Month – Work Health and Safety through COVID-19.

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Is it hay fever or COVID-19?


Oh no, you have just woken up with a runny nose, coughing and sneezing. What is it – allergies or COVID-19? What should you do?

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National Safe Work Month - October 2020

Safe work month 2020

This year’s theme acknowledges and reflects the wide-reaching impacts of COVID-19 on Australian businesses, employers and workers. 

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Engaging Interstate Contractors, Visitors & Students

Special permission is required to bring into the state a contractor, visitor or student under an exemption from any state with quarantine requirements in place.

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COVID-19 Jobs Protection Framework

Enterprise Agreement

The University is exploring an Enterprise Agreement Variation through the National Jobs Protection Framework.

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New HSW FAQs: Provision of first aid during COVID-19

New frequently asked questions have been developed to provide information and guidance to First Aiders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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New travel advice for 2020


The University has an amended position on international travel as a direct response to the evolving global situation and takes into account the latest advice from Government and health authorities. 

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Beware of HR-related COVID phishing

Recruitment Guides

Scammers regularly seek to capitalise on topical issues such as COVID-19 to trap people. 

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