Dependant Travel Scheme

The University of Adelaide has established a Dependant Travel Scheme (up to $2500 per instance) to support female and male staff who have caring responsibilities to participate in a conference held overseas or within Australia.

Dependant travel scheme

Funding support may be made available to eligible staff as a contribution to the travel costs of the dependant relative or a carer, or to employ a carer at the conference location.

Support from the Dependant Travel Scheme may be available to applicants who have primary caring responsibility for a young child/ren, or a dependant relative with special needs. Academic staff in a continuing position, are eligible to apply for funding under the Scheme, provided they are not full-time postgraduate students.

Executive Deans consider requests for the funding once the conference travel is approved in-principle. The number of awards available will be up to each Executive Dean to determine from their own budgets, noting that the Fringe Benefits Tax liability must also be met by the Faculty.

Please email applications on the appropriate form to your Faculty Associate Dean GED, or similar.

Dependant travel scheme application

Use of consulting funds to support dependant travel

In addition to the Dependant Travel Scheme, academic staff with a consulting fund balance may be approved to utilise those funds for the purpose of dependant travel.

Refer Table 3 of the University's Research Grants, Contracts and Consultancies Policy which enables academic staff with funds available in their consulting account to utilise those funds to pay for dependant travel when that dependant is accompanying them on work travel (e.g. when they are traveling to present at a conference).

Dependant travel attracts FBT and thus the total cost allocated to the consulting fund will include the cost of FBT.