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Position management refers to the relationship between the organisational structure, position descriptions, position numbers and employees with all of their associated characteristics. It incorporates the process of how positions are created and maintained within the University of Adelaide. Two important parts of position management at the University of Adelaide are position numbers (for all positions) and position descriptions (for Professional staff only).

  • Position Description Library

    Position Descriptions outline the objectives, responsibilities and outcomes, capabilities and behaviours for a professional position, and the knowledge and experience required to successfully perform the role.

    The Position Description (PD) Library provides access to all approved position descriptions across the University. It is administered through our recruitment system (PageUp).

    Benefits of the Position Description Library include:

    • Ability to to search by position number and title and filter by Faculty/Division/School/Branch
    • View the most up to date position description for any professional position
    • Reduce time to hire overall by removing the PD Evaluation Step from recruitment process
    • Sharing of approved position descriptions across the University, improving overall quality and consistency.

    The PD approval process is completed in the planning stage of recruitment or at any time you need to make changes to a position description, and is independent from the recruitment process. This means that if you have an approved PD in the PD Library then you can proceed directly to recruitment or direct appointment (please see the Recruitment Procedure for information about the process to follow for advertised and non-advertised positions).

    If you are a Hiring Co-ordinator you will be able to access the Position Description Library via PageUp

    For more information about position descriptions including the capability dictionary, position description guide and template please visit Position Descriptions for Professional Staff.

  • Quick Reference Guides - Hiring Co-ordinators

    We have created a series of Quick Reference Guides to help you through the steps needed to access the Position Description library.

  • Quick Reference Guides - Approvers

    We have created Quick Reference Guides to help you through the steps needed to approve a Position Description.

  • Create or Amend Position Numbers

    A mandatory part of any recruitment planning is to ensure the position you wish to fill has a position number and that the position details are accurate. If you need to create a new position number, or to amend the details of an existing position, use the Position Creation and Amendment Form. This is an online form, accessed through HCM .You’ll use the form to enter the details of a position you want created or amended, then submit it to HR to be actioned.

    Guide: How to Create and Amend Position Numbers

    Job Aid: Academic Research-Only Position Titles nomenclature

    Guide: Requesting an Approval - New or Exisiting Position
  • Change in Reporting Lines

    Change in Reporting Lines can only be requested by a Hiring Coordinator.

    There are two options available for a Hiring Coordinator to change the Supervisor for a staff member.
    The option you use depends on how many staff you need to change the reporting line for.

    • If you need to change the reporting line for 5 or less staff then use the HR eForm. Please ensure that you add the staff member’s name and ID for the position that you would like to amend in the comments section of the form.
    • If you need to change the reporting line for more than 5 staff, email the HR Service Centre and provide details of the School/Department the changes are for. They will export the appropriate data and send you the file to update and return so the mass updates can be processed.

Further Assistance

For all queries relating to the Position Description Library or Position Number Creation and Amendment please contact the HR Service Centre on (08) 8313 1111 or complete the online enquiry form.


Contact HR Service Centre

For all enquiries please contact the Human Resources Service Centre.

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