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General Guide to CASPA

  • Employment of Casual Staff

    Casual staff are engaged by the hour and paid on an hourly basis to work on an ad hoc or irregular basis for a given work period. Each work period is a separate and distinct period of service.  A separate contract must be created for each distinct period of service.

    Prospective casual staff must accept an approved Offer of Casual Employment before they officially commence undertaking work in the University. Hours or sessions worked by the casual must be recorded, submitted and validated in order for payment to be made.

    The CASPA system enables users to conform to University of Adelaide policies for employing casual staff and to employ staff in accordance with the University of Adelaide Enterprise Agreement. Please refer to this Agreement for details about conditions of casual employment.

  • Contract Templates & Payment Types
    Contract Templates & Payment Types
    Contract Template Payment Type Timesheet Entry Requirements Timesheet Validation Requirements
    • Hourly
    • English Language Teacher

    Casual is required to enter timesheet data (or Contract Coordinator on behalf of casual) each fortnight.

    Option to pre-populate data from previous timesheet prior to updating.

    Timesheet Validator is required to approve timesheet each fortnight
    • Sessional
    Fortnightly as per Professional/Hourly Timesheet Validator is required to approve timesheet each fortnight
    • Sessional Default

    Casual not required to enter timesheet data fortnightly. Timesheets will be automatically generated with the schedule of work pre-populated from the contract.

    Updates to timesheets required to remove pre-populated time during mid-semester breaks, or to make any other amendments to the number of sessions worked during the fortnight. These updates can be made by the Contract Coordinator prior to timesheet validation

    Timesheet Validator is required to approve timesheet each fortnight
  • CASPA Glossary of Terms & User Roles
    CASPA Glossary of Terms & User Roles
    CASPA Term / User Role Definition / User Responsibility
    Casual Employee A person employed by the University to fill a short-term staffing requirement
    Contract Initiator A University staff member who initiates the casual employment process
    Contract Coordinator

    Administers or manages casual contracts

    The main contact person for other CASPA users within their local organisational area

    Budget Approver

    A person who is responsible for ensuring that expenditure on casual employees is within the faculty/school/unit budget and that account code details are correct

    Not every organisational area will have a Budget Approver

    Contract Approver A person who is occupying (or acting in) a position that has Delegated Authority granted by the Vice Chancellor to approve the engagement of a casual employee
    Casual & Supervisor

    The reporting manager of the casual

    The supervisor has access to personal information via SSO

    Timesheet Validator

    A person who is responsible for validating that the casual employee has worked the hours claimed

    Timesheets must be submitted and validated within the defined timeframes in order for payment to occur

    User List Coordinator A University staff member (usually in the Faculty or Division office) who is responsible for maintaining the CASPA User Lists in Peoplesoft which define each area's Contract Coordinators and Budget Approvers
    Portal Another name for the Unified staff portal from which users can initiate contracts, generate timesheets or view submitted timesheets
    Portlet A subsection of the portal. Within CASPA there are separate portlets for Contracts and for Timesheets
    Workflow Task Inbox

    Also known as Business Process Workspace (BPW) worklist and the Process list, this is a workflow management tool used by the CASPA system to enable users to view tasks requiring action, for example:

    • Contract Coordinators can view initiated contracts requiring submission
    • Contract Approvers can view submitted contracts requiring approval
    • Casual employees can view timesheets that have been generated or saved and need to be submitted, as well as submitted timesheets that have been pushed back for amendment
    • Timesheet Validators can view submitted timesheets requiring validationIn addition, supervisors of any CASPA users can view tasks assigned to their direct reports and can complete or reassign tasks that are assigned to their staff.

    The Workflow Task Inbox is also used in other University systems. Common "views" are available on the left-hand-side of the screen to enable users to filter CASPA-related tasks.

  • Casual Employment Contracts

    1. Initiating a Contract

    In most areas of the University, the Contract Coordinator will be responsible for creating a contract. However, other staff members of the University of Adelaide can also initiate a contract through the Casual Employment Online portlet, accessible via the Unified staff portal. Some Schools or Branches may have a business rule requiring certain individuals, eg supervisors of casuals, to initiate contracts by entering basic details about the casual staff members.

    When creating a contract, the system will force a search of existing employment records before a new staff member can be added. It is therefore critical that the initiator has key information such as the casual’s full name and date of birth in order to appropriately review any potential matches and avoid creating duplicate records.

    Some Schools and Branches may specify certain fields that must be completed or must be left blank. Please check with your local area Contract Coordinator to determine the business processes for initiating contracts in your organisational area.

    2. Contract Coordinators

    If an initiator has submitted a contract with only some fields completed, the Contract Coordinator will receive a task in their Workflow Task Inbox. The Contract Coordinator must then complete all outstanding details of the casual contract and submit the contract for electronic approval.

    Contract Coordinators are one of the key users of the CASPA system. They are the first of level support to other CASPA users in their local area including Contract Initiators, Contract Approvers, Timesheet Validators and casual staff.

    3. Budget Approval

    Some areas of the University will require all contracts to be reviewed by a Budget Approver who may have information regarding funding for casual contracts. This will be determined at the Faculty/Divisional level or the School/Branch level. Budget Approvers will receive an email notifying them of contracts awaiting approval.

    4. Contract Approval

    Only those staff who have Delegation of Authority from the Vice Chancellor to authorise contracts are able to approve contracts in CASPA.

    Contract Approvers will receive an email notifying them of contracts awaiting approval and must login to their Workflow Task Inbox to view contract details. They have the ability to Approve, Reject, or Push Back a contract.

    5. Offer of Employment

    After a casual contract is approved in CASPA, the prospective casual staff member will receive an email to their nominated account which contains a link to an Offer of Employment. The prospective casual must verify their identity to gain access to the CASPA system and accept their offer. Before accepting, they must carefully review all details of the contract including:

    • the duties for which the casual staff member is engaged
    • the period for which the casual staff member is engaged
    • the indicative total hours the casual staff member is likely to be required to work during the period
    • the hourly/sessional rate of pay.

    The prospective casual must also enter or update their personal details, emergency contacts, banking details and taxation information when accepting the online Offer of Employment. If the prospective casual has any questions about the contract, they are encouraged to speak to their supervisor or to the Contract Coordinator (listed as a Contact near the top of the page) before clicking Accept.

    It is important to note that the total hours contracted are indicative only and may be subject to change. In the CASPA system, casual staff member cannot claim time that is in excess of the total hours of their contract. If additional work is required by the School or Branch, the contract can be amended and will become active once the amendment is approved and accepted. A casual contract cannot be greater than 12 months in duration.

    6. Casual Employment Contract

    Upon acceptance of the Offer of Employment, the casual staff member’s contract of employment with the University of Adelaide becomes official.

    The casual staff member receives an email containing a PDF copy of the contract. This is a legal document which, in conjunction with the Enterprise Agreement, defines the details of the relationship between the casual staff member and the University of Adelaide.

    7. Assigning Roles, Maintaining User Lists & Segregating Duties

    Contract Coordinators and Budget Approvers are defined in User Lists and any changes must be communicated to a User List Coordinator (usually a finance manager in the Faculty or Division office).

    Contract Approvers are defined by the Vice-Chancellor and President's Delegations of Authority. To discuss a request for additions or changes to the list of Contract Approvers in your area, please contact the HR Service Centre.

    A staff member may perform several CASPA roles, however the Contract Approver cannot act as a Timesheet Validator within the same contract that they approved. This is the only segregation of duties control that exists within the CASPA system and is in place in order to prevent payments to fraudulent contracts.

  • Induction & IT Access

    1. Induction

    Casual staff are expected to receive an induction when commencing work in a new area of the organisation. Please refer to the Staff Induction section of the HR website.

    If the casual staff member is required to complete online timesheets for work undertaken, they are encouraged to refer to the CASPA user guides.

    2. Enabling IT Access

    Once a casual contract has been approved and accepted, the casual staff members employment details automatically load into the HR system and they are allocated a staff ID number and email address.

    Casual staff who have been identified as having a previous relationship with the University (eg. staff, student or other), will continue to use the same 7-digit ID number previously allocated.

    Supervisors or Contract Coordinators can use Hit The Ground Running to enable access to other essential services for new staff members. These other services include:

    • Staff Card & Building Access
    • Shared Network Folder - Request for Creation & Access
    • Request for University Mobile Phone
    • New Desk Phone
    • New/Existing Computer Request

    New casual staff members can obtain their password and staff access card by visiting Card Services.
    If you require your password to be reset, please refer to the Technology Services website for instructions on setting up/changing your password.

    3. Disabling IT Access

    IT access for casual staff is disabled one month after the end date specified on a casual contract. This allows time for submission of any final payment claim forms and for casual staff members to download their final pay slips from Staff Services Online (SSO).

    The disabling of IT access occurs without notification to the casual staff member or the School/Branch.

    Unless another relationship is in place (eg Titleholder or Visitor), access to the following services will be disabled:

    • shared folders, home folders and computers on campus
    • @adelaide email address
    • access to calendar
    • access to staff only websites
    • access to online services and internet

    Please note: if the casual staff member is enrolled as a University of Adelaide student, the end date of a casual contract will not impact on their IT access.

    If unpaid work is expected to be undertaken between casual contracts, a Visitor form will need to be submitted to enable IT access to continue during this period.

  • Timesheets

    1. Timesheet Entry and Submission

    Timesheets are required for any casual staff member claiming time in a given pay period. Depending on how the School or Branch sets up the contract, the timesheet process may or may not require direct involvement from the casual staff member themselves.

    With certain exceptions, most areas will require casual staff members to enter time and submit their timesheet in each fortnight worked.

    Casual staff entering their own hours can manage their timesheets through Unified. Ad hoc hourly contract timesheets require start, end, break start and break end times for tasks worked on each day.

    Sessional contract timesheets require entry of the number of sessions worked on each day in the fortnight alongside each task. Saved timesheets can be accessed via the BPW worklist, also accessible from the Timesheet portlet.

    In the case of academic default sessional contracts, timesheets will be generated by the system according to the pattern of work defined at the time of contract creation and this must be reviewed and submitted by a Contract Coordinator. Contract Coordinators also have the authority to enter and update casual timesheets for other casual staff in their area. Click here for User Guides including instructions for casual staff members.

    Timesheets must be submitted and validated within the set timeframes in order for payment to occur. Click here to view timesheet submission and validation timeframes.

    2. Amending Timesheets

    Casual staff members can choose to progressively enter and save their timesheets. Saved timesheets can be accessed via the Workflow Task Inbox or links to “Update Saved Timesheets” in the Unified portal. Saved timesheets cannot be validated or paid until they are submitted.

    After a timesheet has been submitted for validation, it is still possible to amend as follows:

    • After clicking on the link to view a timesheet, an "Amend Submitted Timesheet" button will become available. Clicking this button will retrieve submitted time (if the timesheet is blank, it has not yet been submitted and must be retrieved from the Workflow Task Inbox).

      Once the amended timesheet is submitted it must be validated. If validation does not occur before the cut-off, the amendment will miss the payment deadline and will be calculated in the following payment. Please refer to the user guide for instructions on amending timesheets.

    • Once a timesheet has been paid, amendments are not possible online; casual staff must contact their Contract Coordinator for assistance. The HR Service Centre can provide Contract Coordinators with information and an offline amendment form, which requires physical signatures validating amendments to time worked. Delays to payments and adjustments can be expected with this manual offline process.

    3. Timesheet Validation & Escalation

    Casual staff (or Contract Coordinators who are managing timesheets on behalf of casuals) must submit timesheets before the fortnightly deadline. The person defined as the Timesheet Validator will then receive an email prompt early on Tuesday morning to log into their Workflow Task Inbox and validate timesheets; a reminder email may be received on the following day if any timesheets have not yet been validated.

    The Timesheet Validator is not expected to consider the budget implications of the time worked as this is authorised at the time that the contract is approved. Timesheet Validators must however review exceptions (including overtime, work performed across midnight or on public holidays) and confirm that the hours or sessions claimed by the casual were in fact undertaken.

    Validators can approve timesheets either individually or in bulk. Timesheets with exceptions cannot be bulk approved and must be addressed individually.

    If timesheets are not validated within the defined timeframe, the validation tasks will escalate to the Timesheet Validator's supervisor and an email prompt will be sent for each timesheet requiring validation.

    The supervisor may then push back the validation tasks to the Timesheet Validator or, if the original Timesheet Validator is not available, the supervisor may complete the validation task or assign it to another appropriate staff member.


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