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Casual Automated Payment System (CAPS)

The HR systems review completed in early 2015 identified that there are numerous issues relating to the continued support of CASPA system that still need to be resolved to create organisational efficiencies. It recommended replacing CASPA using more appropriate technology aligned with the enterprise systems.

This year we are focussing on a CASPA replacement with the intent of implementing a new solution in 2018 named CAPS which will use a solution delivered from our current enterprise system PeopleSoft. We anticipate that the new CAPS system functionality will be available for the second semester of 2018.

  • CAPS Overview

    CAPS will be a casual payment system solution delivered using our current enterprise system, PeopleSoft. Casual Engagements (previously known as Offer of Casual Employments) and Timesheets will be managed via Staff Services Online (SSO).

    CAPS consists of the following components:

  • Overall Benefits/Improvements

    CAPS will bring a range of benefits and improvement to the casual engagement and payment system and process.

    Overall Benefits/Improvements
    • One stop shop. All managed through SSO. Not having to use Unified and Workflow Task Inbox (BPW).
    • Overall improved user experience.
    • Improved performance/stability of the system.
    • Consistent and streamlined casual management processes across the University.
    • Improved mobile and browser compatibility.
    • Obtaining additional information through Casual Onboarding task.
    • Using the current Enterprise System allows for continuous improvement opportunities through regular system updates.

    In additional to the above benefits/improvements, below outlines some specific areas where user groups will see benefits:

    Timesheet Validator
    • Ability to assign temporary delegations for timesheet approval activities.
    Casual Coordinators
    • Improved Planned vs Actual reporting avaliable.
    • Obtaining additional information through Onboarding instead of by the casual coordinator.
    • Casual Coordinators can easily change supervisor, timesheet validator and request termination.
    • Simpler engagement initiation for Casual Coordinators.
    • Improved visibility of timesheet and engagement status.
    • Ability to resend the engagement offer:
      • to an alternate email address
      • after the offer expiry date has expired
    • Smarts & validations on the form = simpler & smoother process.
    • Cloning engagement in any status. Not only active approved contracts.
    • Improved search capability.
    Casual Staff
    • Casuals can add individual comments per day on the timesheet.
    • Improved visibility of timesheet status.
    • Ability for additional time to be submitted for an already paid timesheet period for a day where no time has been paid. Ie where a timesheet has been submitted and paid for 9 days in the period, the casual can submit time at a later date for the 10th day. (Note: Amendments to paid days are required to be actioned manually)
    • Improved overall casual experience.
    Engagement Approver
    • Bulk engagement approval.

  • Go Live

    CAPS will go live in 2 phases:

    CAPS Engagements – 23rd June 2018
    CAPS engagements can be generated from 23rd June 2018 with a commencement date no earlier than 21st July 2018. The components available from this date include:

    Image on left

    CAPS Timesheets – 21st July 2018
    Casuals will be able to commence inputting time into timesheets from Saturday 21st July. The first submission deadlines in CAPS will be:

    2018 Submission & Validation Deadlines
    Fortnight Worked Timesheet
    Submission Deadline
    Timesheet Validation Deadline
    Escalated Timesheet
    Validation Deadline
    Pay Day
    21 Jul - 3 Aug Monday, 6 Aug Wednesday, 8 Aug Thursday, 9 Aug 17 Aug
  • CASPA > CAPS Transition

    Casual Offer of Employment
    To simplify the transition to CAPS, a system restriction has been placed in CASPA to ensure that no casual contracts can have an end date that exceeds 20th July 2018. Where the work is required to continue beyond this date, a new offer, known in CAPS as an Offer of Employment, will be generated by the Casual Coordinator after the CAPS go-live of 23rd June 2018.

    Casual Timesheet
    Casuals will submit timesheet for period up to and including 20th July 2018 in CASPA. Any time beyond this date will be submitted using CAPS in SSO.
    In order to achieve a smooth transition to CAPS, casuals should submit all timesheets for any time up to and including 20th July by 11pm on Monday 23rd July for payment on Friday 3rd August. Any CASPA timesheets submitted after this date may result in delayed payments.
    The timesheet submission and validation deadlines for this period are as follows:

    2018 Submission & Validation Deadlines
    Fortnight Worked Timesheet
    Submission Deadline
    Timesheet Validation Deadline
    Escalated Timesheet
    Validation Deadline
    Pay Day
    7 Jul - 20 Jul Monday, 23 Jul Wednesday, 25 Jul Thursday, 26 July 3 Aug
    The full CASPA to CAPS transition, including the dates for the retirement of CASPA can be viewed here:
  • Change Impact Overview
    CASPA Process (OLD) CAPS Process (NEW)
    Anyone can initiate a casual contract Only Casual Coordinators will be able to initiate a casual engagement
    Through the initiation process you can select for a budget approver to be a part of the approval workflow There will no longer be the option for a budget approver through the casual engagement process
    More than one timesheet validator per contract allowed Only 1 timesheet validator per casual engagement.  A separate offer of engagement will need to be created per timesheet validator.

    Auto generated default Timesheets are provided to Academic casuals and reviewed by casual coordinators

    No default timesheets, academic casuals to enter their own time via SSO for approval

    No administrative review of timesheets required by casual coordinators

    Timesheets can be entered on an Academics/casual behalf

    Administrators will not be able to enter timesheets on behalf of another individual. Timesheets will need to be entered by the academic/casual via SSO.

    CASPA transactions are managed through Unified and Business Process Workspace (BPW)

    CAPS will leverage current functionality in our enterprise system, PeopleSoft. Engagement initiation, acceptance, approval, timesheet submission and validation will all be done via SSO.

    The ability to choose a Contract Approver in the offer

    This is defined by a set list based on the Delegation of Authority. The notification will go to all on the list within that department. A review is underway to assess who should be on this list. Notifications can also be managed using generic email addresses.

  • CAPS Project Team

    HR and Information Technology & Digital Services will be working together to design and create the solution with the below team members:

    CAPS Project Team Members
    • Jane Smart-Foster
    • Jigar Desai
    • Sasha MacGillivray
    • Reshu Sapra
    • Sharon Miller
    • Martina Varga
    • Stella Wang
    • Sophia Carson
    • Angus Hogben
    • Sanjai Krishnan
    • Rahul Raju
  • CAPS Focus Group

    A focus group has been formed representing each of the faculties and divisions. This group meets on a monthly basis to assist the project team with the design and build of the CAPS system as well as help inform business decision and process change requirements.

    The focus group is made up of the following representatives across the University:

    Faculty/Division Representative
    Faculty of Arts
    • Susie Smith
    • Kath McCulloch
    • Maria Pinna
    • Tina Iankov
    • Abhinay Katakam
    Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences
    • Rachael Cossons
    • Melissa Brook
    Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
    • Jodie Matson
    • Tina Pantelis
    Faculty of Professions
    • Kimberley Dwyer
    • Pearly Yap
    • Lenae Crichton
    • Tammy Polley
    Faculty of Sciences
    • Mandy Holloway
    • Michelle Carter
    • Lauren Morand
    • Samantha Narcis
    • Isaak Kwok
    • Leonie Neill
  • CAPS Training
    The below table outlines the training which will be available in the lead up to CAPS go-live. This comprises of face-to face roadshows, information sessions and online materials.

    Role Training/Support
    Casual Staff Member
    • Roadshows - Listen now
    • Tutorial Video to appear on very first casual timesheet invitation
    • Communications
    • Website support resources
    Casual Coordinator
    • Information Session - Email invitations sent
    • Online Training Module (compulsory)
    • Classroom training- Post go-live – real life casual engagement initiations
    • Communications
    • Website support resources
    Timesheet Validator
    • Roadshows - Listen now
    • Tutorial Video to appear on very first casual timesheet invitation
    • Communications
    • Website support resources
    Engagment Approver
    • Roadshows - Listen now
    • Communications
    • Website support resources
    • Roadshows - Listen now
    • Communications
    • Website support resources
    • Roadshows - Listen now
    • Communications
    • Website support resources

    Invitations to roadshows and information sessions will be communicated at a later date.
  • Glossary of terms CASPA > CAPS
    CASPA Terminology CAPS Terminology
    Contract of Employment Offer of Employment
    Contract Coordinator Casual Coordinator
    Contract Approver Engagement Approver


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