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Credential Management

Capturing information about staff is important for the University to meet legislative requirements, improve university rankings, understand the profile of the workforce, and ensure a safe environment for staff and students. These aspects contribute to the University’s ability to deliver quality teaching and research outcomes.

This year there has been a focus on capturing staff information using Staff Services Online (SSO).
This has been conducted using a phased approach, firstly through the Staff Census Campaign and PageUp changes in February for Fixed Term and Continuing staff and through the launch of CAPS in June for Casual staff.
The final phase of this information gathering exercise for 2018 is through the Credential Management project where we aim to capture a range of licenses, certificates, work clearances, emergency management certificates, registrations, and professional membership details.

  • What

    For the purposes of the Credential Management project, we will aim to capture the following staff credentials:

    Type Credential
    Licenses and Certifications
    • Radiation - EPA Licence - Sealed/Unsealed (LS)
    • Radiation - EPA Licence - Ionising (LX)
    • Forklift trucks - HRWL
    • Hoist - HRWL
    • Cranes & Work Boxes - HRWL
    • Scaffolding - HRWL
    • Vehicle - Class C
    • Vehicle - Class LR
    • Vehicle - Class MR
    • Vehicle - Class R
    • Motor Boats and Drivers
    • Firearms
    • Boom type elevating work Platform
    • Rehabilitation Return to Work Coordinator
    • Construction Induction (White Card)
    Emergancy Management
    • Warden - Chief Warden Training
    • Warden - Floor Warden (Lvl 1 Training)
    • First Aid - Provide First Aid
    • First Aid - Occupational First Aid
    • First Aid - Provide First Aid in Remote Situations
    • First Aid - Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
    • First Aid - Provide Advanced First Aid
    • First Aid - Provide basic emergency life support
    Work Clearances
    • Child Protection - DCSI Screening Clearance
    • Child Protection - Responding to Abuse and Neglect Training
    • Police Check
    • AHPRA – AHPRA (Health Practitioner) Registration
      • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practitioner
      • Chinese Medicine Practitioner
      • Chiropractor
      • Dental Practitioner
      • Medical Practitioner
      • Medical Radiation Practitioner
      • Nurse
      • Midwife
      • Occupational therapist
      • Optometrist
      • Osteopath
      • Paramedic
      • Pharmacist
      • Physiotherapist
      • Podiatrist
      • Psychologist
    • VSBSA - Veterinary Surgeon Board Registration
      • Veterinary Surgeon
    Professional memberships
    • AHRI (Australian Human Resource Institute)
    • CPA (Certified Public Accountant)
    • Law Society of South Australia
    • Australian Institute of Project Management
    • Project Management Institute
    • Change Management Institute
    • Records Management Association of Australia
    • Australian Institute of Management
    • Taxation Institute of Australia
    • Association of Change Management Professionals
  • How

    The following system changes will occur to aid in capturing the credentials information for new and existing staff:

    • Leveraging existing functionality of staff Profile in Staff Services Online (SSO).
    • Updating CAPS onboarding to capture the information for new and returning casual staff which will then feed into the staff Profile in SSO.

    Once the systems have been developed, staff will have the ability to provide/update this information through SSO and CAPS.

  • Why

    The key reasons for storing staff credentials in SSO are:

    • Eliminate the need to record this information locally on spreadsheets and in local databases.
    • Risk mitigation around compliance.
    • Ensure a safe environment for staff and students.
    • Building on the staff member’s profile.
    • Ensure staff have the required credentials in order to perform the duties of their role.
  • Who

    All exisiting and new staff
    Hiring Managers
    Reporting teams across the university
    Safety representatives

  • Overall Benefits

    • Simplified and streamlined processes across the University.
    • One-stop shop for data storage of the defined credentials.
    • Improved reporting capability.
    • Licence, certificate and registration renewal reminders.
    • The potential to expand on credential information in the future.

  • When

    Phase 1 – 10th November 2018
    Included in Phase 1 is Professional Memberships and Registrations.
    See table above for details what is included in this.

    Phase 2 – Quarter 1 2019
    Included in Phase 1 is Licences and Certificates, Emergency Management, and Work Clearances.
    See table above for details of what is included in this.

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