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Space Bookings

There are five spaces available to be booked by University Faculties and Schools, University Departments, the Adelaide University Union and AUU affiliated Clubs and Associations, the University Sports Association and AU Sports Clubs. The overriding principle in booking these spaces is that the booking relates directly to students.

Space is not available to external parties unless there is a clear and immediate benefit to students on campus. Providing advertising to students is not considered to be of immediate benefit to students. Non-student related bookings will only be considered during the mid-year and end-of-year holidays.

Information on the five spaces, capacity and guidelines for use can be found in the general terms and conditions. The Mezzanine is the only space in which alcohol can be consumed and if you are planning to have alcohol at an event you are strongly advised to follow the terms and conditions regarding security and licensing.

When using Hub Central please be aware that it’s primarily purpose is as a student study space. As such, excessively noisy events that disrupt students from studying are not likely to be approved. The provision of food and beverage is generally not permitted, however club fundraising bake sales are very much encouraged. Please note there are no storage facilities and no cooking facilities within Hub Central, so please consider this in planning your booking. Similarly, displaying posters and leaflets in not allowed in Hub Central (consider the use of free digital signage to promote your event) and electioneering of any type is not permitted (although is perfectly acceptable on campus in areas such as the Barr Smith Lawns).

We are keen to promote events that display achievement of students or celebrate the cultural diversity of the University community. As such musical/dance/ceremony type events will be considered during lunch periods. These events need to be short (more flash-mob than concert) but can be backed by music. If you are keen on organising this sort of event we encourage you to contact us here before you make a booking.

 Space Booking Request Form
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If you do not know/have a Cost Centre Department number or Project Code, please enter 'CLUB' in the fields. Please note that this could lead to delays in the approval process.


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