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Meet Our Team

Centre Staff

Professor Chris Leishman

Title: Director

Research: Economics of New-Build Housing Supply; Housing Supply and Affordability; Interactions between Demographic, Housing, Labour Market, & Migratory Dynamics.

Dr Helen Barrie (Feist)

Title: Deputy Director

Research: Family and Household Studies, Gerontology, Human Geography, Migrant Cultural Studies, Migration, Population Change, Rural Communities, Social Policy.

Ms Fidelma Breen

Title: Research Associate

Research: Irish Migration; Diaspora; Transnationalism; Settlement; Return Migration.

Ms Janet Wall

Title: Centre Administrator

Mr Jarrod Lange

Title: Senior Research Consultant (GIS)

Research: Social Applications of GIS; Service Accessibility/ Remoteness; Spatial & Population Analysis.

Dr Kelly McDougall

Title: Research Associate

Research: Human Geography; Migration; Population Dynamics

Dr Kirstie Petrou

Title: Research Associate

Research: Pacific Islands, Migration, Urbanisation, Remittances, Longitudinal Research, Second Generation Migrants, Temporary Worker Programs

Dr Romy Wasserman

Title: Research Associate

Research: Human Geography; Migration (International); Population Trends & Policies

Centre Associates

Hugo Centre staff collaborate with researchers from disciplines across the University of Adelaide as well as with universities and research centres around Australia and abroad.

Professor Alan Cooper

Title: Director, Australian Centre for Ancient DNA, Faculty of Sciences

Research: Ancient DNA; Human Evolutionary History; Climate Change; Molecular Evolution

Professor Alexander Reilly

Title: Deputy Dean, Law School & Director of Public Law and Policy Research Unit

Research: Migration; Citizenship; Constitutional Law; Indigenous Legal Issues

Professor Anne Taylor

Title: Professor, Head of Population Research & Outcomes Studies (PROS)

Research: Epidemiology; Health; Population; Ageing

Assoc. Professor  Chika Anyanwu

Title: Head of Campus - Bathurst, & Assoc. Professor of Media, Charles Sturt University

Research: Migration; Terrorism; Political Economy; Creative Industries, New Media Landscapes; Nollywood Cinema

Professor Christine Beasley

Title: Professor in Politics, School of Social Sciences

Research: Migration; Care; Ageing; Sexuality; Gender

Dr Dandong Zheng

Title: Visiting Research Fellow

Research: Geography, Environment, Population and Geographic Information Systems

Dr Danielle Taylor

Title: THRF Mid-Career Research Fellow, University of Adelaide

Research: Health Geography; Spatial Epidemiology; GIS; Accessibility Analysis; Ageing; Demography; Strategic Service Planning & Resource Allocation

Dr Deborah van Gaans

Title: Research Fellow  Spatial Epidemiology, University of South Australia

Research: Spatial Modelling; Health Informatics; Accessibility; Data Mashups; Geography

Dr Dianne Rudd

Title: Senior Lecturer, Dept. Geography, Environment & Population

Research:Human Geography; Demography; Migration Studies; Population Analysis; Gender and Policy

Dr Douglas Bardsley

Title: Senior Lecturer, School of Social Sciences

Research: Climate Change Risk & Adaptation; Agricultural Development & Risk; Environmental Management & Governance

Assoc. Professor Emma Baker

Title: ARC Future Fellow & Reader in Housing

Research: Housing & Planning; Cities; Health Inequalities; Spatial & Longitudinal Analysis

Dr George Tan

Title: Senior Research Fellow, Torrens University Australia

Research: Demography; Human Geography; Migration; Population Trends & Policies

Assoc. Professor Gour Dasvarma

Title: Adjunct Assoc. Professor, Populaton Studies, Flinders University
Research: Mortality; Fertility & Family Planning; HIV/AIDS; Ageing; Migration; Population Policies; Women's Health; Human Resouorce Development

Dr Jenny Cave

Title: Senior Lecturer, University of Waikato, New Zealand

Research: Diaspora; Development; Diverse Economies in Tourism; Gender

Assoc. Professor Joanna Howe

Title: Senior Lecturer, Law

Research: Labour Migration; Precarious Work; Labour Law

Dr John Budarick

Title: Lecturer, Dept. of Media

Research: Communication & Media Studies; Globalisation & Culture; Social Theory; Sociology

Dr Karen Agutter

Title: Visiting Research Fellow

Research: Historical Perspectives on Migration; Migrant Accommodation Centres; Migrant Worker Camps; Assimilation; Migrant Identity; Receiving Society/Migrant relations

Professor Lakshman Dissanayake

Title: Vice Chancellor, University of Colombo

Research: International Migration; Population Ageing; Population Dynamics

Assoc. Professor Matthew Sanderson

Title: Assoc. Professor of Sociology, Kansas State University.

Research: Migration; Environment; Development; Globalisation

Dr Pam Papadelos

Title: Lecturer, Dept. Gender Studies & Social Analysis

Research: Race & Ethnicity (Multiculturalism & Identity); Feminist Theory; Migration Studies; Masculinity Studies

Dr Peter Smailes

Title: Visiting Research Fellow and former Senior Lecturer in Geography

Research: Rural Space (Social and Economic); Population Migration & Demographic Change; Rural Community Change; Ageing Indices

Ms Rachel Ambagtsheer

Title: Research Fellow, Torrens University Australia

Research: Healthy Ageing; Frailty; Primary Health Care; Health Systems Research

Professor Rachel Ankeny

Title: Professor, Departments of History and Philosophy, School of Humanities

Research: Historical Perspectives on Migration, Temporary Migrant Accommodation, Multiculturalism and Food Habits

Professor Richard Pomfret

Title: Professor of Economics

Research: International Trade and Economic Development; Regional Integration

Assoc. Professor Yan Tan

Title: Assoc. Professor, Dept. Geography, Environment & Population
Research: Climate Change, Migration & Adaptation; Climate/Ecological Vulnerability Assessment; Diaspora–Migration–Development Nexus; Urbanisation & Social Inequality

Assoc. Professor Yuriko Sato

Title: Assoc. Professor of Dept. of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Research: International Student Policy; Skilled Migration Policy; Social Integration Policy

Postgraduate Students

The Hugo Centre collaborates with a wide range of students based on common research interests, in addition to students who are directly supervised by Centre staff.

Profiles for current postgraduate students with links to the Hugo Centre in addition to information about postgraduate research scholarships, postgraduate coursework/research degrees, and undergraduate courses relating to migration population and GIS can be found on our Study page

Hugo Centre for Migration and Population Research

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