How to Get Funding & Partners

Making it easier for our researchers

Need money to fund a project, staff member or PhD student? IMER can help you refine your idea, put a team together and navigate different funding options to help you on your way.

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Preparing grant applications

Preparing grant proposals take time and sometimes a great deal of coordination.

IMER is here to support you through the funding and partnership process. We can make sure that all University requirements and processes are followed correctly. We can also allocate an officer or contractor to oversee this aspect of your project.

Check out Research Service's page on Funding Opportunities for advice. We like The Research Whisperer’s Research Grant Applications 101.

Enrol in a short course, such as the one being offered by the University’s extension arm Professional and Continuing Education: Writing Winning Tenders and Proposals.

Partnering with industry

Want to approach a company to invite them to partner with you? IMER already has relationships with a large number of companies within South Australia and globally.

This means you don’t have to start cold. Contact us to get an introduction, or we can put you in touch with other researchers already working with the company.

Contact us if you want help liaising with the University’s:

  • Research Services. See their handy page on the Funding Application Process for information on writing a competitive funding application.
  • Division of Research & Innovation. Check the Staff Hub for policy information, such as guidelines for pricing competitive research grants, research contracts and consultancies.