Our Global Challenges

Our aim is to meet global mining and energy challenges with multidisciplinary (not just traditional geoscience and geomechanical) solutions. The Institute is aiming to be a leading research and educational facility for the mining and energy sectors in the Asia-Pacific region.

To read about our vision and objectives, see our Annual Report.

Research priorities

Our research priorities are clearly linked to key global challenges.

Low Cost, Low Emissions Energy

Innovative technologies for a clean energy future, such as the Solar Thermal for Alumina and Energy Knowledge Bank projects.

Deep Resources

A wide range of research to understand large to small scale geological settings.

Deep Mining

Resource engineering to solve problems caused by deep mining operations.

Complex Processing

The Copper-Uranium Research Hub and the Iron Oxide (FOX) Project get into the nitty gritty to solve industry challenges.

Tight Energy Resources

Research to define and recover oil, gas and geothermal resources. Includes the Australian School of Petroleum (ASP).

Research centres

The University of Adelaide is unique in Australia for its strong research and teaching groups in geology and geophysics, petroleum engineering, mining engineering and energy technology, as well as renewable energy and energy efficiency.

We maximise these core strengths across three centres:

Centre for Energy Technology

The Centre for Energy Technology (CET) delivers innovative technologies for a clean energy future.

South Australian Centre for Geothermal Energy Research

The research of enhanced (engineered) geothermal systems and power systems to improve the economic and environmental delivery of geothermal energy.

Mawson Geo Centre

The Mawson Geo Centre sheds light on the evolving Earth and its resource potential.


Our portfolio of projects also extends to the following research areas:

Complex mineral processing

Deep mining