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Find out more about the various events held by the IPGRC in 2016.

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Animism: A grassroots response to socio-environmental crises in contemporary Japan

The socio-environmental crises, such as global warming and nuclear disaster, suggest that modern industrial civilisation carries a risk of self-destruction. While awareness of the problems faced by our civilisation is widespread, issues associated with it are so structural that it is almost contradictory to try to find solutions using existing paradigms, including the knowledge base of the social sciences. Using this theoretical problematic, the paper examines animism as a grassroots response to two socio-environmental catastrophes in contemporary Japan - Minamata Disease and the 3.11 triple disaster - and emphasises the significance of animism vis-à-vis western-made social science. The paper addresses the lacuna of the social sciences, i.e. spirituality, nature and life, and also discusses the political implications of animism in Japan where it has often been used as a vehicle of econationalism.

Speaker: Shoko Yoneyama, University of Adelaide

Date: 4 November
Time: 4.00pm - 5.00 pm
Venue: Stretton Room, Level 4, Napier Building

All welcome. No registration required.

Past Events

When Speaker(s) Topic
4 March 2016 Benito Cao (the University of Adelaide) The Production of Neoliberal Citizens.
18 March 2016 Valeria Ottorelli and Tiziana Torresi (the University of Adelaide) Rethinking Consent in Trafficking and Smuggling
1 April 2016 Carol Johnson (the University of Adelaide) The Social Sciences in the Asian Century: Exploring the Changing Geopolitics of Knowledge
29  April 2016 Alexander Davis and Stephanie Brookes (the University of Adelaide) Australian foreign policy and news media: National Identity and the sale of uranium to India and China
13 May 2016 Priya Chacko and Kanishka Jayasuriya (the University of Adelaide, Murdoch University, WA) Capitalising Foreign Policy:Geoeconomics and the Transnationalisation of the State
27 May 2016 Amrita Malhi (the University of Adelaide) Territory, Identity and the Caliphate in Southeast Asia
9 June 2016 Zulkiflee Anwar Haque (a.k.a. Zunar) When Art Meets Politics: My Experience as a Dissident Malaysian Cartoonist
5 August 2016 Carol Johnson, Clement Macintyre, Glynn Evans, and Wayne Errington The Battle for Hearts and Minds: Australia's 2016 Election Campaign
19 August 2016 Gareth Pritchard Experiments in Student-Centred Teaching
2 September 2016 Tom Buchanan A company's company: Australian Political Culture during BHP's Cold War
22 September 2016 Oliver Dowlen Random Recruitment: The History, the Thought, and the Modern Proposal
7 October 2016 Malin Rönnblom Outsourcing Politics: Policies and Practices of Gender Equality in Sweden
21 October 2016 Edson Ziso The Internationalisation of Chinese Capitalism and the Transformation of the State-Society Relationship in Ethiopia

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