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IPGRC E-Note Series

The IPGRC E-Note series is designed to provide a forum for the presentation of short and provocative ideas on key contemporary developments and debates within the Indo-Pacific. We are keen to use the E-Note series to explore new ways of understanding social, economic and political transformation in the region.

The views expressed in the E-Notes brief are those of the speaker or speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of the IPGRC or the University of Adelaide.

2013 E-Note Series Videos

IPGRC E-Note 7

Dr Erin Zimmerman (The University of Adelaide)
Emerging Modes of Security Governance in South East Asia: Think tanks as new spaces of governance

IPGRC E-Note 6

Prof. Vedi Hadiz (Murdoch University)
Old Legacies and New Promises: Indonesia Decides, the 2014 Presidential Election

IPGRC E-Note 5

Special IPGRC guest Mr Anwar Inbrahim (Leader of the Opposition in Malaysia)
The prospects and barriers to political opposition in Malaysia

This E-note is with Anwar Ibrahim who was visiting Adelaide as a guest of the Adelaide Festival of Ideas and the  University of Adelaide, hosted by the Indo-Pacific Governance Research Centre (IPGRC). He spoke on the prospect of political opposition in Malaysia as well as the lessons of the 'Arab Spring'. Anwar is with the Director of the IPGRC, Prof Kanishka Jayasuriya (@fafner100)

Part 1 | E-Note 5.1 (with link to 5.2 at end of video)

Part 2 | E-Note 5.2 (direct link to part 2 video)

IPGRC E-Note 4

Prof. Mark Beeson (Murdoch University)
Middle Powers in the Asia Pacific: Australia Considers its Options

IPGRC E-Note 3

Assoc. Prof. Andrew Rosser (The University of Adelaide)
Indonesia: Towards a Welfare State?

IPGRC E-Note 2

Prof. Tim Doyle (The University of Adelaide)
Climate Terror: A Critical Geopolitics of Climate Change

IPGRC E-Note 1

Prof. Sanjay Chaturvedi (Panjab University)
The micro geopolitics of conflict: India and China in context

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