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Strategic Portfolio Management Team

Associate Director

Jeremy Kwan

The Associate Director, Strategic Portfolio Management is responsible for leading the development of the strategic approach to the management, planning and investment in the University’s extensive and diverse property portfolio.

In this context the position ensures that the University enjoys maximum benefits as a result of the continued and prioritised delivery of high-quality infrastructure projects and the efficient management and maintenance of its physical infrastructure and assets, which is key to achieving excellence in teaching, learning and research.

Campus Manager - Roseworthy & Waite

Mark Branson


      • The development of a strategic asset management plan for the two campuses,:
      • Lifecycle planning and condition assessment of Infrastructure assets at the Roseworthy and Waite campuses
      • Assisting in the planning and management of Capital Works Projects at both campuses
      • Acting as the main conduit into Infrastructure outside the Single Point of Entry
      • Infrastructure relationship management for campus stakeholders including co-location partners

The Roseworthy Campus is located approximately 1 hour north of the CBD surrounded by rural land. The site comprises heritage listed properties, sophisticated research facilities, animal facilities, student residential accommodation, Cafe and student facilities.

The Waite Campus is located approximately 8km south of the CBD on 174 hectares of land. There are approximately 80 buildings on the site, 67 000m2 of which are managed by Service Delivery.

Portfolio Manager

Lam Vuong


              • Management and coordination of the development of a strategic asset management plan, including but not limited to:
                • statutory and preventative maintenance
                • minor capital works
                • back log maintenance
              • Inform works planning and investment decisions and asset life cycle considerations
              • lead and direct the development and implementation of strategic environment, energy and carbon management frameworks, plans and initiatives that achieve the University's sustainability objectives
              • maintain an effective and agile Asset Management Plan in a rapidly changing environment, including analysis and high level and strategic advice on assets requiring immediate attention

Energy Manager

Vikram Kenjle


              • Manage the development and implementation of energy efficiency policies and procedures across the University.
              • Provide specialist advice on complex energy management matters including large new construction projects and re-development across the University's campuses.
              • Develop strategic plans for diversification of energy sources for improving energy security as well as support the University's goal of accelerated path towards Net Zero Energy buildings and Carbon Neutrality.
              • Manage portfolio wide Energy Contracts and Energy related Space Charging.
              • Liaise with market leaders to test feasibility of next generation renewable energy storage, micro grids and automated fault detection systems for the University to dynamically manage its Energy and Carbon Emissions.

Environmental Project Officer

Libby Dowling


              • Coordination of the University’s Sustainability Plan and engagement program, Ecoversity.
              • Development, delivery and reporting of engagement and operational sustainability strategies.
              • Support innovation and collaboration across the University with a focus on sustainability.
              • Environmental compliance and reporting.   

Manager - Leasing & Retail

Stephen Payn


              • Leads the management and strategic direction of the University's leased property portfolio.
              • Management of University co-location partner agreements.
              • Lease and tenancy management.

Property Manager

Tanielle Morgan


              • Supports the Manager Leasing & Retail to maintain tenancy schedules and agreements.
              • University liaison point for lease renewals and contract management.
              • landlord and tenant management.

Manager - Space Allocation & Planning (secondment)

Mary White


              • Develop, implement and provide strategic advice on facilities options to meet faculty and divisional needs
              • Ensure effective planning to optimise utilisation of the property portfolio across the University and within the faculties and divisions
              • Provide innovative input into the implementation of the Campus Masterplan 2016 -2035 that meets the University’s current and future property portfolio requirements
              • Improve space utilisation measures and maximise the current floor area to its full capacity on a value for money basis with creative solutions
              • Works closely with Capital Projects Delivery and Service Delivery teams to ensure a consistent approach of space considerations and investments

Senior Space Planner

Beth Dixon


              • Alignment of Infrastructure Goals with Planning priorities and needs
              • Development and application of Space Guidelines and Accommodation Standards
                Strategic Facilities planning
              • Masterplan(s) alignment and development
              • Input into and development of High Level campus objectives
              • Change of use assessment
              • Decanting Strategies

Senior Administrative Project Officer

Christine Fullgrabe


              • Administrative assistance to the Associate Director - Strategic Portfolio Management
              • Provision of executive support for a range of Branch Committees & projects
              • Manage correspondence for the Associate Director Strategic Portfolio Management through the University's electronic management system HPRM
              • General administration duties.

Graduate Project Officer

Lotte Symons



Infrastructure Branch

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