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Buildings & Grounds

Service Delivery provides services across security, buildings, grounds and maintenance.

For maintenance requests requiring immediate attention contact the Maintenance Service Centre.

Building Access

  • Disability Access

    Occupational Health and Safety – Equity of Access

    In keeping with the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act (1992), the University’s own Disability Action Plan and various other University policies, Infrastructure Branch is committed to providing equity of access (or universal access) to all students, staff and visitors to the University of Adelaide.

    The legacy infrastructure of the North Terrace campus is a particular challenge, with stairs, steps and steep gradients all presenting barriers to access.

    The official opening of the North Terrace Campus External Lift on 17 February 2006 is a major example of the influence of equity of access principles on the design of new projects.

    The lift and its network of ramps provide both access to the Hub and Horace Lamb Buildings and unrestricted north/south access on the eastern side of the campus.

    Infrastructure Branch projects with significant equity of access outcomes include:

    • The reconfiguration of the foyers of the Napier Building.
    • Improved disability access and smooth, graded paving in the North Terrace Heritage Precinct project.
    • The installation of automatic doors to the main entrances of six buildings on the North Terrace Campus.
    • Construction of seven new fully-compliant access toilets across the North Terrace Campus.
    • The re-configuration of the University Contact Centre counter to allow for wheelchair access on both sides.
    • The ramped access to the new Faculty of Sciences Office in the Darling Building – typifying the inclusion of equity of access principles in construction and refurbishment projects.

    Other ongoing works to improve equity of access projects across the North Terrace Campus include:

    • Upgrading of external stairs & ramps
    • Re-tensioning of doors
    • Installation of signage

    Equity of access is of core consideration across all University Campuses. Ramps, doors and fittings are designed according to Objective 14 of the University’s Disability Action Plan.

    Detailed list of accessible bathroom facilities

  • Access to Secured Buildings

    Access to Buildings (Control System)

    Many University buildings are secured both externally and internally with an access control system administered from the Security Office. To gain access to secure building on campus use your university staff or student card provided by Ask Adelaide.

    Once enabled, your card will allow access to the appropriate areas authorised by your departmental Access Control Delegate.

    The Security Office will provide advice and can install electronic and mechanical access control systems where required. This includes card access, locks or digital code pads.

  • Out of Hours Building Access

    Your university staff or student card may not grant you access to some buildings.

    Contact your Access Control Delegate if you require additional access.

Parenting Facilities

North Terrace Parenting Facilities
Location Access Fitout
Ingkarni Wardli, Ground Floor, Room G23 Swipe card provided by ECMS Administration (Level 1, Ingkarni Wardli)
  • Vanity which incorporates a baby change table
  • Separate toilet room
  • Separate small room containing 3 chairs with a curtain across entry
  • Air-conditioned
  • Mini fridge
Nexus 10 Tower, Level 2, Room 218 Report to Professions Information Desk (Ground Floor, Nexus10 Tower) to be given access
  • Change table which folds out from wall
  • 1 x microwave, 1 x fridge, 1x chair, sink
  • Air-conditioned
Women’s Room (Anna Menz Lounge), Basement, Lady Symon Building

No swipe card required.

*This is not labelled a parenting room due to stair only access

  • Nil lift access
  • Lounges, tables and chairs
  • Change table
  • Kitchen area with sink, fridge and microwave
  • No air-conditioning
Rundle Mall Plaza, Level 3 Please contact Level 3, RMP Receptionist on 831 33302.
  • Privacy screening
  • Occupancy signage
  • Internal door lock
  • Comfortable seating
  • A small refrigerator for milk or medications. *Please ensure that all personal items are clearly labelled where possible
  • Amenities such as tissues, baby wipes and disinfectant wipes
  • Telephone
  • Waste disposal

Currently the closest baby change table is in the parents room on the ground floor of this building.

Lower Napier, Ground Floor Room G13 Key from Faculty Office In the process of supplying an appropriate chair

Adelaide Health & Medical Sciences (AHMS)

2nd Floor Room 2067

Lift access to floor
  • Power points
  • Room locks from inside
  • Recliner & comfortable chair
  • Small table
  • Sink with hot & cold water
  • Dimmable lighting
  • Telephone & bench provided
  • Change table 
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Paper towel
  • Nappy bin
  • Privacy curtain
  • Antibacterial soap dispenser 

Adelaide Health & Medical Sciences (AHMS)

10th Floor, Room 10066a

Lift access to floor
  • Power point
  • Room locks from inside
  • Comfortable chair
  • Table or flat surface to hold breast pump
  • Sink with boiling & chilled water
  • Bench provided but not telephone
  • Change table – in toilets on same floor
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Paper towel
  • Nappy bin
  • Privacy curtain
  • Antibacterial soap dispenser
Waite Parenting Facilities
Location Access Fitout
Waite -Waite Building, Ground Floor, Room G30 2A

Through ladies' toilets airlock
  • Bowl and vanity area with mirror
  • Change table
  • 2 seater lounge
  • Mini refrigerator
  • Soap dispenser, paper towel, hand dryer
  • Nil airconditioning
Roseworthy Parenting Facilities
Location Access Fitout
Roseworthy - PROPOSED PROVISION Student Union Building, Ground Floor, Room G15 TBA'd TBA'd

Parks & Grounds

This group provides the planning and maintenance for all garden, recreation and native vegetation areas on all campuses and some associated assets.

The grounds areas covered include:

  • North Terrace Campus
  • Waite Campus
  • Roseworthy Campus
  • National Wine Centre
  • Mattanya (North Adelaide)
  • North Adelaide Sports Grounds
  • Main Oval - Park 12
  • Park 10
  • Graduates Oval
  • West Beach Sports Ground

For further information regarding the Parks and Grounds Maintenance provided by Service Delivery please contact 08 831 34008.


Infrastructure Branch

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