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University of Adelaide Heritage Properties

The University of Adelaide's property portfolio includes over 30 heritage listed structures.  All of these have documented heritage value and are included on State and Local Heritage lists.  In addition there are a number of buildings with potential heritage value which are yet to be documented or formally listed.  These heritage places are spread across the five campuses of the University and represent purpose built educational buildings, industrial buildings, historic residences and farm buildings, and they serve varying functions within the University's activities.

Heritage Inventory Reports

A complete list of the heritage buildings within the university is as follows:

Building Date/Architect Heritage Status
North Terrace Campus
Barr Smith Library 1933 W H Bagot State
Bonython Hall 1936 W H Bagot State
Darling West Laboratories (formerly Bragg) 1962 Hassell McConnell State
Elder Hall 1900 F J Naish State
Hartley Building 1927 G G Lawson State
Mitchell Building 1882 William McMinn State
Mitchell Gates and Victoria Drive Fence 1930 W H Bagot State
Union Building Group 1930s W H Bagot
1972 Dickson Platten
Roseworthy Campus
Main Building 1883 Govt Architect
(E J Woods)
Principal’s Residence 1868 Local
Other Buildings –   Local
Chapel 1955 Dean Berry  
Tassie Library 1920  
Grandstand c1910  
Security House c1928  
Former Stables 1906  
Waite Campus
Claremont House c1850 and later Local
Caretakers Cottage c1870 State
The Lodge c1891 State
Hannaford Laboratories 1928 W H Bagot Local
Waite Building 1928 W H Bagot State
Urrbrae House 1891 Woods & Marryatt State
Battery House 1890s State
Coach House 1890s State
Peter Waite Garage 1920s State
Southern Barns 1890s Local
Glenthorne Farm
Coach House c1850 State
Smokehouse c1850 State
Underground Tank c1850 State
Cellar c1850 State
Munitions Magazines 1913 State
National Wine Centre
Yarrabee 1866 Govt Architect State
North Terrace Wall 1865 State
Stable 1865 State

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