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  • After Hours Building Access

    The AHMS building is available for all staff, students and the general public to access Monday - Friday from 7am - 7pm. Outside of these hours the building is locked down for all besides those with an appropriate University of Adelaide access card.

    Due to this, any events taking place outside of the hours listed above are required to follow one of the below procedures:

    • Hire an MSS security guard through the University of Adelaide to mind and guard the entrances, letting guests in and out as required, or
    • Borrow a temporary access card from the AHMS Security Team and organise a volunteer on your end to mind the entrances.

    The AHMS Security Team are onsite 24/7 and can be reached on 0477 889 192.

  • Alcohol

    The AHMS Building is covered under the University of Adelaide's general liquor licence. This licence allows the serving of alcohol by staff and students for University and Club purposes only.

    The UofA liquor licence does not cover the following:

    • External events involving the serving of alcohol
    • Internal or External events involving alcohol being sold, this includes alcohol as part of the entry price, alcohol given away for a donation and/or alcohol supplied as part of a club membership.

    For more clarity on whether your event requires a liquor licence please refer to the Liquor Licence Flowchart.

    All event organisers hosting a function involving alcohol at the AHMS Building must complete the Application to Serve Alcohol Form in the first instance and then follow the below steps.

    • Complete a Risk Assessment and Alcohol on Campus Checklist,
    • Organise a temporary once off event liquor licence if applicable
      • This step does not apply if the alcohol is being sold/served by the University of Adelaide Club as they will cover your event under their liquor licence.
      • This step does not apply if you are a UofA Staff/Student and your event event involves the service of alcohol only.
    • Organise a responsible person (RP). This is a member of the event with an appropriate RSA badge. The RP must not consume any alcohol and must be present for the duration of the event,
    • If your event has over 30 people in attendance a Security Guard must be hired to monitor your event. for every 100 people in attendance an additional guard must be hired.

    For any additional information on alcohol on campus please contact Facilities Bookings or visit the Alcohol Management & Use Policy page.

  • Building Maintenance Requests

    For any AHMS Building maintenance issues or requests please contact Mark Hemsley - AHMS Facilities Manager on: (08) 8313 0442 or

  • Catering

    The Bean Bar, located on the Ground Floor of the AHMS Building, is the UofA's preferred caterer for all events at AHMS.

    The Bean Bar can provide a range of options for all functions. You can visit their website here or contact them using the information below.

    The Bean Bar
    0404 706 312

    Alternatively, if you'd prefer to go with another caterer, we will require their company name and contact details for our records.

  • Loading Bay

    The AHMS Building has a loading bay accessible via George Street.

    If you require the use of this space for your event please advise Facilities Bookings and ensure to include drop off and pick up information in your request.

  • Reheat Kitchen

    A reheat kitchen is located on the Lower Ground floor of the AHMS Building. This space is available for any function in which catering is being served.

    The reheat kitchen is equipped with a sink, bench tops and tables, however any additional appliances or equipment will need to be organised and supplied via your caterer.

    Standard power is available in this space.

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