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Bystander Awareness

Step Up, Speak Out and Stand Strong... for a Safer Community

Safe Steps now incorporates a bystander awareness campaign titled Step Up, Speak Out and Stand Strong. It is aimed at raising awareness to situations that may require intervention within your friendship circle.

What Does it Mean?

Step Up

Assume Responsibility.

Speak Out

Let the person know that what they are saying is inappropriate

Talk to the person affected to make sure they are okay and help them with possibilities (who to speak to).

If necessary, seek assistance by contacting Security Services on 8313 5990 or 8313 5444 for emergencies

Stand Strong

Take responsibility for your actions and be aware of situations around you.

For behaviour that clearly presents a threat to the individual, students or staff members, use the Security Services emergency telephone number: 8313 5444.

Get the Word Out!

You can download our campaign posters here:

Poster 1 - Heard a mate make sleazy comments to someone?
Poster 1
Poster 2 - felt a friend needed your help?
Poster 2
Poster 3 - Seen someone being treated unfairly?
Poster 3
Poster 4 - What can you do? Step Up, Speak Out, Stand Strong.
Poster 4

Further Information and Advice:

Inappropriate Student Behaviour

For further information, advice and support in managing inappropriate behaviour by students,

please visit the Inappropriate Student Behaviour website.

Student Grievance Resolution

For information on how to report grievances about staff behaviour, please visit the Student Grievance Resolution website.

Silent Witness

If you see or have seen a crime or security incident occurring on campus and you would like to report it, please let security know the details by completing the silent witness form. All information will be kept confidential.

Useful Contacts

Please visit the Counselling Service website for a list of useful contacts outside of the university.

Please contact Security Services for assitance, or advice on what steps to take, by calling

8313 5990 or 83135444 for emergencies.

Your influence can change the culture for the better.


Infrastructure Branch

Maintenance Services:
+61 8 8313 4008
Campus Security:
+61 8 8313 5990
General enquiries: Phone +61 8 8313 6110: Email: