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Safe Steps

Safe Steps is a University initiative run each year at the end of daylight savings time to make you aware of the potential dangers of walking alone when leaving campus.

It encourages you to take actions to ensure you travel safely to your car, bus, train, taxi or local accommodation.

Safety when Leaving Campus

Follow these Safe Steps at all times:

  • Follow the most open and well-lit public path.
  • Whenever possible, walk with a friend or in a group or contact Security to arrange an escort if you are walking alone after dusk.
  • If alone, stay alert and be aware of your surroundings – confidence deters attackers.
  • Be prepared to call for help and consider carrying a personal alarm or whistle.
  • Avoid undergrowth and be wary of strangers.
  • Move your car closer to buildings during the day if you are planning on staying on campus after dark.

Use the following FREE after-hours campus Security services:

  • Escort Service
    If you have to walk to a parked car or near-campus residence after dark where no alternative means of secure transport is available and you have concerns for your safety please contact your campuses' after-dark Security Escort Service (refer to phone numbers below). Please call the service well before you need to leave the building to arrange a time and place to meet.
  • Shuttle Bus Service (North Terrace)
    During term, an air-conditioned FREE shuttle bus service runs hourly from the Security Office on Western Drive between 5.30pm-11.30pm to take students and staff up to 2.5kms from the University. A map of the bus route is located in the North Terrace Security Office. (refer to phone numbers below).


  • Stay Safe on Campus at Night

    Although we encourage you to utilise the Night Safety Shuttle / Night Escort Service, there will be times when you cannot. In those cases follow these guidelines:

    • Travel with a friend or in a group 
    • Be alert and aware of your surroundings 
    • Avoid dark, vacant or deserted areas; use well-lit, well travelled routes. 
    • Dress in clothes and shoes which will not hamper movement 

    If You Sense You Are In Trouble:

    • Move away from the potential threat if possible. 
    • Join any group of people nearby; cross the street and increase your pace. 
    • If a threatening situation is imminent, and people are close by to help, yell, scream or make a commotion in any way you can to get their attention. 
    • Go to an open business. 
    • Call Campus security from a safe location, use campus emergency phones where available.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Store these phone numbers in your mobile, diary or wallet:

Campus Security Emergency 831 35444
safe steps pocket card - phone numbers
Campus Security Escort (North Terrace) 831 35990


Campus Security Escort (Waite) 831 37200
Campus Security Escort Roseworthy) 831 37999
Police Emergency 000
Police Attendance 131 444



Infrastructure Branch

Maintenance Services:
+61 8 8313 4008
Campus Security:
+61 8 8313 5990
General enquiries: Phone +61 8 8313 6110: Email: