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Campus Disruptions

Last updated 3 May 2019

Adelaide City Council roadworks information in the CBD.

Current Works
Areas Affected Start Date Completion Date
North Terrace Campus - External glass cleaning April 2019 April 2019
North Terrace Campus - Emergency assembly points 29 January 2019 30 April 2019
North Terrace Security Office - Temporary relocation 10 December 2018 TBA
Engineering South - Heating affected 24 April 2019 8 May 2019
North Terrace Campus - Mains water testing schedule 2019 07 January 2019 18 January 2019
North Terrace Campus - Lift maintenance & annual testing program January 2018 December 2018
Barr Smith South - Library Laneway site compound November 2017 June 2019
Medical School North - Construction works January 2017 May 2019
North Terrace and Frome Road - Civil works April 7 2019 July 2019

Current Works & Disruptions Details

Engineering South - Heating affected  

There has been a failure of the hot water pipework serving the air conditioning system in parts of the Engineering South Building. Rectification works may take up to 2 weeks and during this period there will be no heating available to the following areas.

Areas affected:

  • Ground – all workshop areas
  • Level 1 – 111, 112 (lecture theatres)
  • Level 2- rooms 216, 226, 226a, 230, 233, 237, 237a, 238
  • Level 3 - all areas

Cooling and ventilation is not affected.

For more information contact Bruce Lawson on 0420 959 267.

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North Terrace Campus - glass cleaning  

Please be advised that ISS Facility Services have engaged SA Window Cleaning to perform both external & internal glass cleaning to various buildings on North Terrace Campus. APRIL – EXTERNAL GLASS – Weekends & Weekdays during Semester & University holidays

  • Engineering & Maths Sciences
  • Engineering Annex
  • Ingkarni Wardli - Including Atrium Area
  • Molecular Life Sciences
  • Physics Building
  • Santos Building
  • The Braggs
  • The Hub Eastern Lift and bridges - external glass and balustrade glass
  • Badger Laboratories
  • Barr Smith South
  • Benham Laboratories
  • Horace Lamb Building
  • Hughes Building
  • Johnson Laboratories
  • Madley Building
  • Mawson Laboratories
  • Scott Theatre

Above to be accessed using a combination of abseiling, water fed brush and poles from both ground level and elevated work platforms. All efforts will be made to minimise disruption. Any noisy & disruptive works will be carried out over the weekends.

For more information contact Jim Mikromanolis on 0428 230 251 or Liz Johns on 0477 746 880.

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North Terrace Campus - updated emergency assembly points

Emergency assembly points across the North Terrace campus have been updated for the period:

  • 29 January 2019 to 30 April 2019.

Updated maps have been communicated via the UoA warden network and will be displayed next to existing evacuation diagrams.

RCC Fringe will have their own emergency wardens on site during the event and will utilise the University's recommended assembly points if required.

Download updated plan.

For more information contact

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North Terrace Security Office - temporary relocation

The North Terrace Security Office is being temporarily relocated from the Kenneth Wills Building to Ground Floor Oliphant Building due to renovations.

During this time, the inter campus shuttle waiting area has been relocated to the entrance of Hub Central. The pick up zone remains the same.

Please follow the wayfinding signage and floor decals or download the map.

For more information contact James Rivett (Capital Projects) on 0435 057 855.

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North Terrace Campus - mains water testing schedule 2019

During 209, Spotless will be commencing mandatory annual Backflow Prevention valve testing at the North Terrace campus.

At various times, mains water is switched off (isolated) for short periods with minimal disruption to occupants.

View the testing schedule indicating when isolation's will be occurring in each building.

For more information contact Daniel Parfitt (Spotless) on 0437 834 137

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North Terrace Campus - Lift maintenance & testing

As part of our contractual arrangement, general lift maintenance will be undertaken on a regular basis on all North Terrace Lifts to ensure compliance and avoid major disruptions.

View the Lift Inspection - Annual Schedule

For more information contact Martin Tauchert on 0468 549 583.

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Barr Smith South - Library Laneway site compound

Capital Projects have construction works in the Barr Smith South precinct until June 2019. Sarah Construction are using the old library Loading Bay Offices as their site office and have created a site compound at the end of the Library Laneway.

There is a new library loading bay adjacent. See attached sketch.

For more information contact Rob Newcombe (Capital Projects) on 0407 400 158.

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Medical School North - Construction works

If you require detailed information about construction works and noise/vibration disturbances in Medical School North, please email Greg Badger to register for the HSIS Stage 2 distribution list.

Refer to the HSIS Stage 2 website for further information.

For more information contact Greg Badger (Capital Projects) on 0416 278 120.

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North Terrace and Frome Road - Civil Works

SA Power Networks will be undertaking works to assist in the rejuvenation of the former Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) site and establishment of the innovation precinct known as 'Lot 14'.

For any further general inquiries about the project, please call SA Power Networks on 13 12 61 during business hours or email

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