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Public Realm Concept

The University is working to improve the quality of the spaces between campus buildings (the public realm), through exciting infrastructure projects that will reinvigorate the campus and provide broad benefits to students and staff.

Along with a review of our Retail Master Plan, the Public Realm Concept provides us with the blueprint for a vibrant and active campus which celebrates our open spaces and unique location in the middle of the Adelaide CBD.

The University campus will be more welcoming and pedestrian focused, with a consistent approach to design and materials that speaks to both the University’s 140 year history and to contemporary use. Multi-dimensional social spaces will be appealing to staff and students, and will position the University as a destination for events, exhibitions and meaningful interaction.

Project Overview

The Public Realm Concept aims to achieve the following objectives:

      • Provide new social spaces for staff and students
      • Establish new spaces for informal study, learning and teaching
      • Consider opportunities for more sport and recreational activities on campus
      • Propose opportunities for Kaurna interpretation of the campus and spaces for ceremonial activities
      • Position the campus as a destination for the public, displaying the University’s heritage, public art, community lectures and events
      • Reduce car parking on campus
      • Consolidate back-of-house servicing points.

Project documents

  • In development

Project status

  • Planning, consultation and design development
Area Design Program Indicative Construction Program  Budget
Western Drive North June 2019 –
August 2019
Q4 2019 -
Q1 2020
(2019 IIP)
Mitchell Gate Relocation June 2019 –
August 2019
Q4 2019 -
Q1 2020
Mawson Corner June 2019 –
August 2019
Q4 2019 -
Q1 2020
Braggs Paving Upgrade June 2019 –
August 2019
Q4 2019 -
Q1 2020
Western Drive South

Concept Design:
June 2019 –
Dec 2019

Feb 2020 –
May 2020

Q4 2020 -
Q1 2021
(2020 IIP)

Infrastructure Branch

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Campus Security:
+61 8 8313 5990
General enquiries: Phone +61 8 8313 6110: Email: