Barr Smith Lawns (south) & Benham and Mawson frontage redevelopment

Redevelopment of two of the University's most iconic parts of campus, marks an exciting milestone in the implementation of the North Terrace Public Realm Plan.

Project details

Revitalisation of the southern exterior of the Barr Smith Lawns and landscape in front of the Mawson and Benham buildings, will enable active use both day and night. The redevelopment will bring a cohesive aesthetic to the lower part of the campus and activate building frontages along Victoria Drive.

Artist's impression of the completed Barr Smith frontage project

Artist's render of the completed Barr Smith frontage project.

Barr Smith Lawns (south)

A beloved destination for staff, students, and visitors, the Barr Smith Lawns southern perimeter have been enhanced to further promote social connections and relaxation. The first stage was completed in time for O-Week 2024.

Additional planned features of this staged completion include: a new Library entrance, terraced seating nooks, bike racks, drinking fountains and integrated CCTV. Upgraded lighting, power and a BBQ will strengthen the site's event capabilities, and indigenous planting will further incorporate Kaurna culture into our public realm.

The additional improvements are planned over the summer break 2024/2025. 

Benham and Mawson Frontage

The vision for this under-utilised corner of the campus is to create a welcoming entrance from Victoria Drive, while enhancing the red-brick facade of the Benham and Mawson buildings. 

Preliminary designs include removal of the research ponds and pool fencing, and the addition of a central pedestrian avenue to link the Mawson Corner with the Kaurna Learning Circle. 

Project team

First stage completed early 2024, full completion due early 2025.

architectural landscape concept image of benham and mawson frontage and surrounds

Artist's impression of finished Benham and Mawson frontage