Barr Smith Lawns (south) & Benham and Mawson frontage redevelopment

This redevelopment marks a thrilling milestone in the implementation of the North Terrace Campus Public Realm Concept Plan, coinciding with the upcoming celebration of the University's 150th Anniversary in 2024.

Project overview

Presently, the two sites are underutilised and lack a cohesive aesthetic and clear wayfinding. However, the revitalisation of these outdoor areas will solidify the North Terrace Campus as an extension of the vibrant City of Adelaide. This will provide an irresistible destination for students, staff, and the wider public, offering ample opportunities for social connection, hosting events and smaller gatherings, providing a haven for respite and inspiration, and enabling active use both day and night.

architectural landscape concept image of Barr Smith South lawns and surrounds
Barr Smith Lawns (south)

The Barr Smith Lawns are a beloved destination for staff, students, and visitors, serving as a hub for gatherings and relaxation. Focus will be on the southern portion to create a new entrance to the Barr Smith Library, complete with terraced seating nooks for outdoor study and reading. The removal of the current undercover bike storage will open up the Library's frontage, allowing for new design features such as event power, BBQ, lighting, drinking fountains, and CCTV to be integrated, enhancing the site's event capabilities. Replacement external bike racks will form part of the new design. The University is planning secure bike storage facilities with the potential for ebike charging stations as part of future campus upgrades on North Terrace, currently scheduled for 2025. The expansion of the Kaurna Walk will strengthen the legibility of the North-South city link and provide an opportunity to integrate Kaurna culture through planting and cultural elements.

Expected completion end of 2024.

architectural landscape concept image of benham and mawson frontage and surrounds
Benham and Mawson Buildings Frontage

The Benham and Mawson Frontage presents a unique opportunity to activate an underutilised corner of the campus by creating a vital pedestrian connection between the Kaurna Learning Circle and Mawson Corner while activating building frontages along Victoria Drive. The vision for this area includes the removal of research ponds, pool fencing, and carparking to create a remarkable space that will serve as a new welcoming entrance and address to the University. The design incorporates a central pedestrian avenue with connected outdoor rooms that can accommodate group study, alongside an interpretive expansion of the Geology Walk. These thoughtful enhancements will elevate the space, making it an engaging and dynamic area that aligns with the University's mission and values. This second part of the plan is currently still in the design phase.


David Cooke, Project Manager.