Custance Centre Sustainability

Student housing in the Roseworthy Custance Centre will transition to all-electric operations to significantly reduce carbon emissions.

Panoramic view of the Custance Centre and Roseworthy Campus from above

Project details

Custance Centre student accommodation at the Roseworthy campus encompasses 26 single-storey furnished houses built in 1978. The Custance Centre has been selected as a suitable site for an emission reduction project aligned with the University’s Sustainability Strategy 2030 – Here For Good.

Two students sitting outside red-brick student accomodation

Eighteen LPG hot water tanks will be replaced with energy efficient 400L heat pump hot water systems.

Fourteen rooftops will have a total of 77kW of solar PV installed, which is expected to generate around 100MWh of solar power per year, equivalent to 50% of the annual Custance area electricity usage.

The project builds on previous solar projects at Roseworthy, which have reduced the University’s peak electricity demand, reduced energy costs and increased the resilience of supply to the campus. 

Expected completion is July 2024.

Project Team