Ingkarni Wardli HDR Student Hub

A functional, efficient, adaptive and inclusive space to suit the diverse needs of the student cohort now and into the future.

Ingkarni Wardli building

The new HDR Student Hub will be a high quality and comfortable space that fosters community amongst students and supports the close working relationship between students and their supervisors. We will work together through a student driven process to ensure that the Hub attracts and supports people, across many varied SET faculty schools, degrees and research themes, and in doing so will promote and encourage a sense of belonging and cross-pollination.

Project FAQs 

Project details

Scope: approximately 570m2

  • full refurbishment
  • 60 - 90 work points
  • quiet rooms
  • collaborative/informal breakout areas
  • entry space
  • locker storage
  • existing comms room update provision


Currently in concept design phase with stakeholder engagement. Completion expected in 2023.


Mark Watts, Project Manager: