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Roseworthy Solar Farm

An integrated solar system, battery storage and microgrid will be built at the Roseworthy Campus and is expected to deliver 42% of the campus's energy needs.

This project will test the University’s first embedded microgrid for real time decision making for demand management and improve emergency back-up facilities. It is the eighth solar project that the University has undertaken under the Campus Sustainability Plan.

Project features

  • 1.2MW solar farm
  • 420/1200kWh hybrid battery (combination of Lithium-ion and Vanadium flow)
  • Digital Twin microgrid
  • $7 million budget, including a $780,000 grant from the South Australian Renewable Technology Fund  

Solar Farm Camera Live Feed

Solar Farm Camera Live Feed

Project dates

  • Commencing Q3 2019


Project Manager: Rob Newcombe - 0407 400 158


Infrastructure Branch

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