Union House

Rejuvenation of this iconic building will help reinstate the original purpose of Union House and enable it to operate as a modern and unique venue for events, meetings, clubs and a range of university services. 

    Union House and the Cloisters from Victoria Drive

    Project details

    The redevelopment will align with the Union House Masterplan, creating five distinct zones:

    • Campus amenity - level 1
    • Social zone - levels 2 and 3
    • Student zone - level 4
    • UoA community zone - level 5
    • Function zone - level 6. 

    Previously hidden spaces in the Brutalist-style building are being reopened and updated to let in the light via new windows. A number of lost architectural elements are being reinstated, including cross-building pathways via the network of balconies. And more rooms are being created and made available for booking by students, staff and alumni. 


      The current phase of the project includes the development of:

      • Multi-use student spaces for meetings, events and study, including kitchens, lounges, and storage for Clubs on level 4.
      • An expanded Fitness Hub on level 4.
      • contemporary café/restaurant for staff, alumni and the wider community on level 5.
      • Bookable function rooms on level 5.
      • A private dining area for senior executives on level 5.
      • An upgraded bookable function space on level 6 (Rumours). 
      • Upgraded and new amenities throughout the building.
      • Mixed gender bathrooms on the ground floor. 

      Expected completion of this phase is late-2024.

      The multi-stage project began in 2018 and has included:

      • Relocation of the UniBar and refresh of the Cloisters (completed in February 2019).
      • Upgrade to the Lady Symon building, which saw the addition of a beautiful new exercise studio, change facilities and E-Sport room (completed in mid-2021). 
      • Creation of an undercover plaza for events (completed in February 2023).
      • Restoration of the ‘Bookshop’ in George Murray, with the addition of towering windows and thoroughfares through to the Barr Smith Lawns and Cloisters (completed in February 2023).


      Tony Perin, Project Manager