COVID 19 - information on buildings and facilities

With many staff and students back on campus, the University continues to take advice from Government and health authorities to ensure a safe campus environment.

While most buildings and retailers are open, there may be some changes to opening hours or access conditions. Information on the current status of buildings and facilities is provided below. 

Social distancing poster

Help stop the spread

When on campus, please keep practising good hygiene and stay 1.5 metres apart whenever and wherever you can.

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  • Can I work and study on campus now?

    Please only return to campus in accordance with your local areas’ Return to Campus Plan or when you are advised by your supervisor/manager.

  • Are all of the University buildings currently open?

    All buildings are now open. A limited number of buildings or areas may still require a University ID card for access. Please contact Infrastructure Branch on 8313 4008 or if you would like more information.

  • Which campus retailers are open?

    All retailers are now open. Please check individual retailer websites or social media channels for up-to-date information on opening hours and their current range of services.

  • I suspended my car park permit. What do I need to do?

    Car parking on campus returned to normal operations on 22 June 2020. The temporary permits provided to essential staff during the shutdown period are no longer valid.

    If you have a carpark on campus and a valid permit, you still have a carpark on campus. If you suspended your payments recently you will need to reinstate them if you wish to continue parking on campus. When you reinstate your payments is your choice and can be done in line with when you return to campus.

    The existing car parking policy will not change, therefore payments will not be adjusted to only the days you are onsite. It is up to you to work out whether you change your car parking arrangements if you feel that your current option as a result of the point above is too expensive.

    For more information and options on car parking, please visit the Parking Management website.

  • Is additional cleaning being undertaken?

    There is an enhanced cleaning routine defined in a new Supplemental Cleaning Procedure, beyond the routine cleaning across campus. The Procedure applies to all all common spaces, lecture theatres, common teaching spaces, common student lounges and accommodation facilities, and focuses on high-touch surfaces, such as tabletops, door handles and light switches. The Procedure continues to be reviewed and updated.