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Avi from India

Meet Avi from India

Before arriving in Adelaide, Avi was studying at Monash University in Melbourne. He is currently undertaking a PhD at the University of Adelaide's Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Adelaide Medical School. When he finishes he plans to work for a commercial company or as a post-doctorate.

"My project is to develop novel photonics sensing methods to investigate early embryo development. We along with Centre for Nanoscale BioPhotonics are developing new fibre optic based sensing probes for biological use to sense things, such as pH and hydrogen peroxide."

The IBPR program was very helpful. It really teaches you how to go about planning, researching and executing your ideas for your project. The seminars and workshops were very useful and the oral presentations gave me the confidence and feedback on how to improve for when I present my research in front of a bigger crowd.
Avi from India

"It really teaches you what is expected of you and how to accordingly plan for successfully completing your PhD. The assignment work helped to put together the idea of my research topic, which later helped me with my literature review and the individual consultations provided me with feedback on something that I never thought of, which resulted in improving my overall mark."

"Your degree is recognised globally and you get to learn the exact pronunciation of English words. Your command of the language increases as time proceeds helping you earn respect amongst peer groups and professional contacts."

"You also get to meet other international students who are also starting their PhD’s. One day these people will be conducting world leading research and to have an opportunity to meet them at an early stage is very advantageous."