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How to Register

Commencing international higher degree by research students will receive an email before the start of program with information about the registration process.

Registration to the program is compulsory for all commencing international higher degree by research students. Students are required to attend an orientation session and diagnostic task to determine the level of participation in the IBP-R that is required. Students could be deemed to need full participation, negotiated participation or be exempt from the program.

The appropriate level of participation is decided according to the following criteria:

  • academic background
  • previous studies
  • ¬†professional background
  • the outcome of the Diagnostic Task.

Participation level and requirements will be emailed to students the week after the orientation and diagnostic test.

For concerns about arrival dates please contact the IBP-R team.

As an international student, I find IBP-R very helpful as a preparation before I actually start my program.
past IBP R student