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Yousef from Saudi Arabia

Yousef from Saudi Arabia

Yousef is a PhD student studying in the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Adelaide Nursing School.

"The University of Adelaide is one of the Group of Eight universities and I am on a scholarship from my government to study a Master's and PhD at the University of Adelaide. When I completed my Master's degree in 2014-2015, I became familiar with the University's system and I like the city of Adelaide."

"Before studying at the University of Adelaide I was an academic teaching assistant at a university in my country. Teaching assistant is the first degree of the academic career in home country, and academics at this degree are required to study Masters and PhD to continue their academic career."

"The IBP-R seminars and workshops trained me to introduce my research project to people who do not have any experience in my research field with simple language. The assignment work assisted me in writing my proposal, but I had an issue at the beginning of the IBP-R. At the beginning of the IBP-R my research focus was not finalised yet. This made it difficult for me to write about a project that I have not thought about. After a few weeks of the IBP-R my research field started to take shape. The oral presentation assisted me to present my project in the annual event held at the Adelaide Nursing School, Research Conversazione in October 2016."

After reading our proposal drafts, the individual consultations gave teachers the opportunity to give feedback and this assisted us to amend the proposal from a different point of view.

"IBP-R students are from all different countries which enable us to be connected with each other."

"If you plan to study at the University of Adelaide, do not wait. Prepare yourself and come!"