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Yusnita from Indonesia

Yusnita from Indonesia

Yusnita completed her masters degree at the University of Adelaide. When she decided to complete a HDR, she says that there was no doubt that she would come back to the University of Adelaide in the Faculty of Arts, School of Social Sciences to re-experience the great academic atmosphere.

"Even though I did my masters at The University of Adelaide, coming back to do an HDR was a completely different feel. Preparing for HDR study was much more nerve wracking. There was so many anticipations, worries and insecurity from what I have heard from people about HDR study. I was not completely clueless, but definitely needed a clear guide of what I should expect during an HDR study."

"IBP-R class consisted of students from different fields of study and different countries. This definitely helped create an international network and teamwork skills. Post IBP-R, some students from IBP-R remain in a good contact to form groups ranging from discussion group, writing group or more casual groups. Doing an HDR in an English-speaking country means being in a completely different academic atmosphere. The university supports intense research activities where students are situated in an environment that continuously requires independence and critical thinking."

The individual consultations were an opportunity to discuss more individual issues such as improving written work or talking about relationships with my supervisor that couldn't be done in class.
Yusnita from Indonesia

"IBP-R provided all the information that I needed at the early stage of the HDR study such as preparing proposals and doing the paperwork for the administration. Most importantly, it gave me a clear picture of the milestones that I had to go through during the whole study program."

"Higher degree study or research overseas is definitely a challenging experience. The University of Adelaide is a renowned world-class university. As a member of Group of Eight, it is a research-based university located in one of the most livable city in the world. If you seek an experience of balanced life and study, come to Adelaide."