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Role of the Institute

To provide support to its Centres and Members in order to maximise their research outcomes and their contributions to the Objectives by:

  • Providing access to leverage and seed funding schemes (for equipment, feasibility studies, etc)
  • Provision of administrative support - Group and IPAS supported travel organisation, meeting co-ordination, recruitment support, video/tele-conferencing systems, customer relationship management systems, inventory management etc.
  • Publicise the achievements of the Members of the Institute, to internal and external audiences via the web, newsletters, media and PR activity.
  • Provide research grant support - awareness of programmes, grant development, and finance planning.
  • Help the Centres and members get the best support from the central University systems - IT, Finance, Marketing, HR.
  • Provide accurate research statistics to Members and ensure that their research metrics are accurate and optimised.
  • Provide commercial support for commercial interactions, contract research, collaborative research, patenting and spin out activities.
  • Provide a new building as the focus for the Institute activities with meeting rooms, break out spaces, tea room and other facilities. Research and office space for constituent Centres and Members will be agreed on a case by case basis.
  • Organise workshops and conferences.
  • Organise speakers for seminars, opening up discussions on the broad range of research undertaken at IPAS and the opportunity for new collaborations.

Role of the Institute

    Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing

    North Terrace Campus
    The Braggs Building
    The University of Adelaide
    Adelaide SA 5005


    T: +61 8 8313 9254

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