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IPAS Scientific Leadership Committee (SLC)

SLC Members

Prof Andrew AbellProf Andrew Abell Surface Chemistry, Protein and Peptide Synthesis

Dr Thomas AveryDr Thomas AveryBiosensors

Dr John BruningDr John Bruning School of Biological Sciences

Head of the Laboratory of Protein Crystallography

Prof Christian DoonanProf Christian Doonan School of Chemistry

A/Prof Heike Ebendorf-HeidepriemProf Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem Glass Science, Fibre Fabrication and Characterisation

Dr Ori Henderson-Sapir Dr Ori Henderson-Sapir Postdoctoral Fellow

Precision Measurement Group

Prof Mark Hutchinson Prof Mark Hutchinson Neuroscience, Immunology, Pharmacology, Pain, Addiction, Spinal Cord Injury

Dr Tak KeeA/Prof Tak KeeSpectroscopy and Organic Materials for Sensing

Prof Martin LambertProf Martin Lambert School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering

Water engineering and the use of fluid transients

Dr Jiawen Li Dr Jiawen Li Biophotonics, multimodal fibre-optic probe, optical coherence tomography, sensing and imaging

Dr Philip LightDr Philip Light Research Fellow

Precision Measurement Group

Prof Dusan Losic Prof Dusan Losic Chemical Engineering

Prof Andre Luiten Prof Andre Luiten IPAS Director, Chair of Experimental Physics

Precision Measurement

Rob McLaughlin Prof Robert McLaughlinBiophotonics, optical coherence tomography, fluorescence, medical devices

A/Prof Martin O'ConnorA/Prof Martin O'Connor Cryogenic Sapphire Oscilator

Prof David OttawayProf David Ottaway Solid State Lasers, LIDAR Sensors, Gravitational Wave Detection

A/Prof Reza GhomaschiA/Prof Reza Ghomaschi Solidification and casting of engineering alloys

Dr Carolin PlewaProf Carolin Plewa Adelaide Business School

Associate Head Research (Marketing and Management), Senior Lecturer in Marketing

A/P Tara PukalaA/Prof Tara Pukala School of Physical Sciences

Scientific Director of the Adelaide Proteomics Center

Dr Gavin RowellA/Prof Gavin Rowell High Energy Astrophysics, Cosmic Ray Detection

Dr Yinlan RuanDr Yinlan Ruan Fiber/cavities based biosensing, color sensing in diamonds and fiber based single photon sources

Dr Abel SantosDr Abel Santos Research for Impact Fellow

Nanophotonics, Optical Biosensing Systems & Drug Delivery

Dr Erik SchartnerDr Erik Schartner Research for Impact Fellow

Fibre fabrication, sensing applications, commercialisation & industry links, in-vivo measurements

Dr Ruth ShawDr Ruth Shaw Manager Copper-Uranium Hub

Optimising nanoparticle doped silica fibre sensors, Utilising Optically Stimulated Luminescence, Thermoluminescence and Transmission Spectra

Dr Ben SparkesDr Ben Sparkes DECRA Fellow

Precision Measurement Group

Prof Nigel SpoonerAdjunct Prof Nigel Spooner Luminescence Analysis, Radiation Sensing, Optical Dating

Prof Yvonne Stokes Prof Yvonne Stokes School of Mathematical Sciences

Chair of the Women in Mathematics Special Interest Group of the Australian Mathematical Society

Dr Giuseppe TettamanziDr Giuseppe Tettamanzi University Senior Research

Ultra-small CMOS devices, Applied Superconductivity & Precision Measurements

Dr Stephen Warren-SmithDr Stephen Warren-Smith Ramsay Fellow

Soft-glass & silica microstructure fibre fabrication, ultra-high temperature sensing

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