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What is Photonics?

Photonics is the science and technology that allows the generation and control of light.

Modern photonics began with the invention of the laser in 1960. By the late 1970’s, the impact of photonics in telecommunications was facilitated by the perfection of low-loss optical fibres for long haul communications.

Today, South Australian photonics research is driving the development of new technologies to underpin transformations in manufacturing, health, mining, agriculture and the environment.

Photonics gives us new tools for measurement – including ultra-fast, sensitive and portable sensors to support decision making, and new light sources for use in material processing and medical treatments.

Adelaide has an extensive base of Photonics expertise – in our university sector and in key industries, much of which grew from fundamental research at the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO). Local companies whose world leading products are based on photonics include: BAE Systems, Ellex and Maptek.

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