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Atmospheric Sensing, Buckland Park Facility

  • Atmospheric Sensing - Buckland Park Facility Overview

    IPAS researchers working in atmospheric physics and laser physics are setting up a new LIDAR facility at Buckland Park, 32km from the centre of Adelaide.

    The aim is to measure atmospheric temperature, wind and dynamical processes with high spatial and temporal resolution from 10 to 110 km altitudes.

    Investigating the middle atmosphere by LIDAR is a well-established method and utilised at many sites around the world. However, these sites are predominately in the northern hemisphere and there are very few LIDAR stations in the southern hemisphere. In particular the southern subtropics are important as there is significant demand for measurement with high spatial and temporal resolution.

    This facility is the first of its kind in Australia and at a unique location in the southern hemisphere, 35° S 138° E. In addition, IPAS researchers are development a range of new advanced LIDAR technologies.

  • First Stage
    • LIDAR building finished and power laser under development
    • Implement all parts for LIDAR in building
    • From 2010 on Rayleigh temperatures from 30 to 60 km altitude
  • Second Stage
    • Power laser for resonance measurements
    • Extend altitude range for Rayleigh measurements 15 to 80 km
    • Combined Rayleigh and Resonance measurements
    • Continuous observation from 15 to 100 km on a regular basis
  • Scientific Aims
    • Study seasonal temperature structure at 36°S
    • Study dynamical processes such as tidal, planetary and gravity waves
    • Validate these local observations with Satellite and Model results
    • Intercomparison of South-North hemisphere and along 36° longitude
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